Eli Purks – “Music Is A Revelation” – charisma and charm in spades

It may be 2030, but don’t ever think for a second that the power of funk and disco has totally gone away. Eli Purks takes these flavors and blends it into his explosive pop aesthetic on his latest single release “Music Is A Revelation” – a true bass-heavy and jangly guitar throwback that also just so happens to be one of the best groove tracks of the year. Purks marries the worlds of ’70s dance and funk with modern pop music, pulling the track into 2020 with ease.

From the very first moments, when the guitar jangles rush in, it’s clear that “Music Is A Revelation” is fire. Skittering hi-hats and a tight drum kick sets the stage for the modern funky tune before Eli Purks kicks in with the resonating vocals.

“Music is a revelation. All your inhibitions go,” sings Eli Purks. “Music is my life. Music is my soul.” The lyrics aren’t particularly deep, but it is not meant to be. The largest focus is on having a good time.

This is a dance track, and this song succeeds on pulling you to the dancefloor, and that’s its main purpose. In fact one aspect which needs to be made clear, is that “Music Is A Revelation” doesn’t set out to be anything more than a fun, catchy and danceable song. And Purk nails it!

Eli Purks truly sells his vocals on this one, though his aptitude for the craft is already well-known. As expected, he gives a great vocal performance, riding the rhythm throughout.

Crowning the song of the summer has become an annual tradition akin to the Super Bowl for music pundits. These songs usually are the soundtracks for the happiest moments of your life, and the timely release of “Music Is A Revelation” puts it in line for the title.

However, if you’re going to peddle nostalgia in this day and age, where history becomes a quick commodity and is practically an affliction, you have to go the whole hog and do it authentically. Eli Purks knows this: It’s exactly what he’s done on “Music Is A Revelation”.

The young man has charisma and charm in spades, and in an age of mumble-mouth and emo pop voices, Purks’ clear, unapologetic tenor is a blessing. Moreover, his crystalline enunciation keeps you looped in and listening.

Constructed with a discerning ear, strong in production and composition, and just effortlessly cool throughout, “Music Is A Revelation” simply bangs in all its glory. This will make you dance even when you don’t want to.

Part of the track’s charm is Eli Purks’ enthusiasm and eagerness to please. Hence the overall effort sounds highly-crafted and polished. I suspect that’s exactly why people are going to like it. Watch out for this one, it’s going straight to the top of the charts somewhere.


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