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“Sit Back Observe” allows S.B.O.Ez to shine his brightest on a tight project that has barely any cracks in it. One of the twenty-three-old rapper’s greatest gifts as an emcee is his incredible knack for coming up with brilliantly complex flows that instantly grab your attention. He places his Deep South roots into the mix, and relates it to his personal experiences and theories. S.B.O.Ez is more philosophical and musically ambitious than most of his contemporaries.

“Sit Back Observe” is as heady as it is satisfying, exploring the many complexities of S.B.O.Ez’s existence and state of mind. The emcee doesn’t hesitate to explore his perspective on a number contentious topics; sometimes offering blunt but always well thought out meditations. S.B.O.Ez carefully peels back the layers, analyzing the composition of himself and the daily hustle and grind that surrounds him.

Most of S.B.O.Ez’s verses and hooks on “Sit Back Observe” are outright mind-boggling. His wordplay and lyrical themes are fleshed, giving each line more impact and meaning. He is a thinker and with great introspection comes seasoned thoughts. However, S.B.O.Ez is not just a rapper that has something to say – he’s an emcee with a distinct voice that instantly captivates you.

His ability to wonder, to reveal truths and subtle realities is what leads us to the opening track, “Ijwl (I Just Want To Live)”. Piano chords support hi-hat snaps, while groovy bass lines maintain the momentum. Instead of showy grandstanding, S.B.O.Ez settles for slow reveals with his lengthy bars on the heartfelt ballad, “Invisible Love”.

S.B.O.Ez’s rhymes are poetry, featuring off-kilter bars, and unusual schemes, on both “Punch IN” and “Wild West”. His flow and delivery are both impeccable, yet sound very organic. The auditory aspect is rounded off by clean production. S.B.O.Ez’s lyrics are so

The beat on “Heat Check” is hypnotic, while the rapper drops lyrical imagery that’s just as mesmerizing. Confidence, energy and melody are attributes that S.B.O.Ez puts forward very well when he wants to and “Beautiful Mess” clearly demonstrates that. Those who are looking to hear S.B.O.Ez technical skills and charisma, in a team player situation will certainly have a field day on “Challenge” ft. DG 703.

Listeners will love bobbing their heads to the sleek flow and unpredictable rhyme schemes S.B.O.Ez brings to the table on the percussive groove of “I like Them”, which closes the project. There can be no doubt that S.B.O.Ez provides much of the reason for keeping “Sit Back Observe” on repeat. Each song reveals new reasons to comb through the rapper’s lyrics, be it his short, sharp one-liners, or his thoughtful commentary about the nature of his experiences and environment.

With only eight tracks, a clean production, and a lone feature from DG 703, S.B.O.Ez’s flows and smooth rhyme schemes truly get a chance to shine on this EP. “Sit Back Observe” is a rare hip-hop recording that’s both incredible substantive and highly replayable. This late record of the year contender, is a well conceptualized and put-together EP that points to a bright future for S.B.O.Ez.

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