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The single, “Broken Like You”, is a prime example of up and coming rapper JoCahris, being able to bring out sticky melodies and smooth flows that get stuck in your head. The beat is dark, and JoCahris raps with solid vocals ranging from subdued to fully expressive nuancing. The rapper’s wordplay is what sets him apart from the seeming glut of singsong rappers, as he fills each verse with colorful imagery delivered in vibrantly explicit messages. JoCahris doesn’t mask his threats so much as he does dress them up in clever rhyme schemes. The rapper brings a certain refreshing nature to the genre, gliding over the instrumental with ease, making this an extremely enjoyable listen.

“Broken Like You” registers more proof of JoCahris skills, while granting him three minutes and forty eight seconds to channel his emotional resonance into intentional and clever word building, while dealing with regular hip-hop tropes. He’s a formidable songwriter with a passionate presence and the range to do anything. He’s engrossing at his most unhinged, and empathetic in a way where listeners can rejoice in his triumphs.

From the opening bars of “Broken Like You”, JoCahris is convincing. As a relative newcomer, he is able to make listeners believe in his talent and his potential, going forward. Without screaming and shouting, he raps with effortless, unwavering charisma, making a statement loud enough to brand him as one of the artists to watch during the end of 2020.

There’s freedom to the way JoCahris raps. It’s not so much about structure, but the expression. He makes you remember how he sounds, not just what he‘s saying. The cadence, like the beat and melody, is infectious. The beat in “Broken Like You”, is built from the most pleasantly warm keyboards and skittering hi-hats. It is melodically sultry, and JoCahris’ flow just amplifies it, as he remains compelling throughout.

Although his melodic rap style is of-the-moment, there’s a classic identity to his sound. A sound he’ll be able to build upon with future projects. JoCahris is an excellent songwriter who has mastered the form of the contemporary rap track but also gives himself permission to tweak it. He’s melodic but technically skilled enough to potentially appeal to a wide variety of Hip-hop fans. What makes him such an endearing presence, is how confident he is.

There’s not a single moment on “Broken Like You”, where you’re wondering who he is, or where he’s from, as you’ll be totally engaged with his performance. Sure, today there may be plenty of rappers doing weirder, more alternative, and futuristic things, but JoCahris does what he does well. He sounds like a corrective to the sometimes overtop deviations rap and hip-hop has been offering fans.

JoCahris is able to make music that is refreshing in a rap landscape that too often celebrates hype over substance. Add in his determination to make the most of his craft, and we have an artist ready to stretch beyond any limits to reach the edges of success.

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