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First things first. “Take Me Away” is an immediate hip hop classic from a group who prove to be culturally, politically and socially more significant than the bulk of what you hear on your local radio station. Coming to us via the 4PACK Ent. Music Group, MACKronyms, ft. Johnny Blk Reese as Heckle, and Racci AK Ashy Knuckles as Jeckle, deliver a refreshingly vintage take on modern hip hop – something that as a whole seems absent from the genre. They bring a sense of focus, urgency and groove, to a rich and densely stacked arrangement where they spit slick, smooth, and biting bars over. Front to back, this track is a banger that can stand alongside some of the strongest and most revered classic singles you’ve heard in the last few years.

That said, it is almost beyond thrilling to hear Johnny Blk Reese as Heckle, and Racci AK Ashy Knuckles as Jeckle demonstrate just how well, and how long, they’ve been doing their thing. Their righteous anger and pride burns brighter than most of their contemporaries. This is the work of artists and men, who have grown up in hip hop, and in a world where inequality, oppression and the desperate need to hustle and grind is seemingly passed down the generations.

On “Take Me Away”, Johnny Blk Reese and Racci AK Ashy Knuckles are not only a focus on their own history, struggles and experiences, but also indirectly a mouthpiece and a broadcaster of the socio-cultural status of an oppressed and discriminated generation – where the will to succeed inevitably requires all means necessary. In a world surrounded by the deliberate dissemination of methodical misinformation, this is a point worth bearing in mind.

Heckle and Jeckle’s charismatic lyrical assault, pays tribute to the long lost era of storytelling beasts, while the production seizes and replicates the bang of recent musical trends, embellishing it with an unstoppable, killer melodic hook. Perhaps what’s most impressive of all, however, is how the entire project – including the visual – comes together to form one power-packed message.

“Take Me Away” is as much a walk down memory lane, as it is a triumphant time-stamp of the present day. And exactly why and where, Johnny Blk Reese and Racci AK Ashy Knuckles find themselves today. It is a personal tale of sadness and celebration, failure and success, yet at the same time, it is a narrative all too accurate, relevant and relatable as intergenerational social commentary.

Coming from “The City” on the West Coast part of the universe these two family members and business partners have experienced some lifestyle changes by way of the California Correctional Facilities and Judicial Systems.

Both artists and small business owners of their own award-winning indie music label – 4PACK Ent. Music GroupJohnny Blk Reese (Co-Founder) and Racci AK Ashy Knuckles (Founder) sound like masters of the art form, joining in the fray to show everyone how it’s done.

It’s clear from the outset that this track chronicles an internal and personal journey as much as it speaks to the upheavals screaming from today’s headlines. Superb rhyming and finely structured wordplay, is only surpassed by an impressively rendered narrative on “Take Me Away”, which reeks of pure pondered honesty.

Few in the current rap and hip-hop scene could marshal a musical force like MACKronyms, ft. Johnny Blk Reese and Racci AK Ashy Knuckles, do on this project.

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