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From the jump, SunneRyse-Blu sets the tone for single “Body Heat”.  Throughout the course of the track, she flexes hard. Most interesting about the song is how confident she is about her sexuality.  Much like many of the guys in the rap game, she tells it like it is from her angle, holding nothing back. Here she asserts herself as one of the most hard-nosed underground female rappers in the game. Self-proclaimed Queen of P.I.M, also known as poetry in motion, SunneRyse-Blu was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and has been songwriting since the age of 13.

On “Body Heat”, SunneRyse-Blu is instantly recognizable for her uninhibited sexuality, ushered in by her commandeering presence. Whether she’s frank or merely suggestive, she lays it on the line, upfront and raw: “Can you feel my body heat? Can you see the steam coming off my pussy?” she exclaims, before going on to deliver more fiercely hot lines in her verses, making sure her partner is percolating with desire, by the time she’s done.

Bouncy, infectious earworms come easily to SunneRyse-Blu, which she demonstrates on a standout like “Body Heat”. Moreover, she displays the grit and hunger that endears only the most ambitious up-and-coming emcees, and when it comes to her delivery, her undeniable sexy swagger is definitely part of her charm.

“Body Heat” showcases precisely what SunneRyse-Blu does better than anyone else: Over an effervescent beat that sounds like it’s straight out of some futuristic electro and dubstep party, the rapper explicitly meshes her unabashed sexuality and bravado. There’s no question that she’s in control throughout the record, even though the beat reveals itself to have an insidious and challenging tempo structure to stay on top of.

SunneRyse-Blu is clearly marking herself out as an engaging artist with her powerful uninhibited femininity – the glaringly obvious single title and sexy vocals further evidencing this – and it’s something that makes the record that little bit extra likeable. SunneRyse-Blu is also clearly unapologetic; she is who she is and won’t silence herself for anyone.

“Body Heat” is a track that knows exactly what it is, and it’s the work of a well-skilled hip-hop artist with something to prove. From start to finish, SunneRyse-Blu impresses not only with her cheeky, bedroom lyricism and her unapologetic, unwavering attitude, but also for her ability to jump into one of the most unforgiving rap beats we’ve heard in 2020.

This volatile and dynamic production screams, squeals and bangs with a vengeance. Luckily SunneRyse-Blu is hot, wet and sticky, clinging onto every turn of the beat, and changing her flow several times, executing every rhyme with true artistry and creating a killer track. SunneRyse-Blu is yet another sign of the rapidly expanding, evolving world of female rap.

“Body Heat” sounds unlike any other rap track I can recall this year, and one that should be recommended in an ever-crowded, cloned music market. However, it is not a track to play for your parents!


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