New Single ‘Ain’t Normal’ by Solo LaMaze Pays Homage To Louisville & Black Awareness

Solo LaMaze encapsulates the spirit of revolution and Black solidarity in his new single ‘Ain’t Normal.’ With visuals ripped from the recent headlines, the song and the accompanying music video reckons with racial politics in the U.S., the consequences of which have left the most marginalized folks more furious than ever before. LaMaze combines the power of his message with an infectious hook that will draw in the listeners at once and keep them immersed the whole way through. The two-pronged strike of the piano and the synth at the beginning of the composition form the emotional foundation of the melody, after which Solo LaMaze takes over with his impassioned musings. Though the lyrics are outstanding and convey a true struggle, the autotune-heavy production in the background does become more and more prominent as the song goes on.

Yet the visual elements in the video are so visceral that it’s worth tuning in anyway. From the Black Lives Matter signs on the streets to the killing of George Floyd that shocked the world, the symbolism couldn’t be bolder. LaMaze’s choice to slip in lip-syncing faces from ordinary folks in the city conveys the humanity of the movement.

The video is also a huge homage to the city of Louisville, Kentucky, the artist’s hometown. The song sees Solo drive around the city, walk by its landmarks, take in the BLM protests at full-force, and confront the changing times head-on. It’s a remarkable case of art reflecting the best and worst of times.

The rap and hip-hop scene in the Midwest is indeed underrated and Solo LaMaze’s valiant effort at tackling the current affairs should only elevate its status. Like many other rappers, his love for the genre was sparked at a young age. He was only 11 when he discovered his talents and ventured into the battle-rap scene. By 12, he was a recording artist.

In recent years, his singles have received significant airplay in the Louisville area. His collaboration with DJ Khaled introduced him to a whole core of hip-hop fans. So it’s only time before Solo is able to take his talent national.

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