I.K.M.B.T – “As of Lately” delivers classic wordplay; charismatic, smart and persistent!

An interesting artist weaves an interesting story. Truly an impressive artist, I.K.M.B.T’s style blends R&B with soul, and hip-hop and the odd influence here and there. He has managed to unite his influences with a conscious, relevant melodic flow, which is poised, confident, and evident in his single “As of Lately”. I.K.M.B.T is an artist, originally from Nigeria, who currently resides in the Bronx.

“As of Lately” is brilliant in lyrical content and delivery, matching the theme with the instrumental. I.K.M.B.T delivers classic wordplay; charismatic, smart and ever persistent in its iconic referencing. The song’s verses forms a portrait of an artist that pushes his own personal narrative and credibility in the form of a stream of consciousness, calming and existential. Standing strong in today’s cross-genre Alt-R&B/Rap market. “As of Lately” clearly has substance.

I.K.M.B.T’s great achievement is showing equal force both in his creative song-writing ability and talent as a vocalist. This combination, as well as his sound production, allows him to keep the audience intrigued by his content and the story he has to tell. “As of Lately” sees I.K.M.B.T emerge fully and spectacularly formed as an artist. Something he indicates from the outset of this track.

On “As of Lately”, I.K.M.B.T leans into the soul of a voice on which he will undoubtedly build his name, capturing its essence with a sunny vibrancy and maturity. There’s an immediately natural ease in his singing voice, but one that feels strengthened by worldliness and understanding. It’s perhaps pointless to wonder if this is I.K.M.B.T’s best work, suffice it to say that this showcases the musical grit and sweeping vision of an artist on the come-up.

“As of Lately” feels perfectly positioned to catapult I.K.M.B.T into the arms of an eagerly awaiting public. Rap music’s influences permeates the song, exemplified in I.K.M.B.T rhyme patterns and flow, which sit comfortably inside his soulful and melodic motifs. The tonal palette is warm and lush, with a transporting quality. “As of Lately” is a breezy trip through a diverse array of musical styles, narrated by a uniquely-voiced artist.

I.K.M.B.T’s influences don’t define him; he simply uses those influences to show his versatility for just about any style of crossover R&B or hip-hop that you can think of. There’s something charismatic about I.K.M.B.T’s tracks. It almost seems as if they were meant to make you feel as if you are in the room with him. I.K.M.B.T gives a gradual charm to “As of Lately” which you’ll have to give a couple of listens to truly appreciate.

I.K.M.B.T’s way of approaching his music and fusing it with various influences will have you entranced. There is something that crackles in the air with a palatable energy when you’re first hearing a game changing track. But, what most makes “As of Lately” a touchstone project, is that it is a part of the moment of artists like I.K.M.B.T striving to do something new and transformative in music.


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