3Mind Blight – “Reflections” ft. Sophie Dorsten – stunning vocals, resonating instruments and deep impacting lyricism

For those of you unfamiliar, 3Mind Blight is a ferociously proficient spitter from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since 2018 he has proven time and again that he is no fading presence or disappearing act, in a game inundated with here-today-gone tomorrow wannabes.  The relentless rhyme-killer, now releases his latest top of the line single, “Reflections”, in a momentum-making collaboration with Indie-Pop singer-songwriter Sophie Dorsten. The Phoenix, Arizona based songstress has been singing since she was 9 years old, and releasing music since she was 13.

Aided by superb production, 3Mind Blight and Sophie Dorsten do what they do best in “Reflections”, sharing valuable anecdotes about the experiences of failed relationships and the priceless lessons of moving on. It’s incredibly pleasing to the ears with the soulful and soaring vocals of Sophie Dorsten juxtaposed against 3Mind Blight’s gravelly lament that characterizes the arrangement throughout.

A powerful and sticky slow-burning melody, guides the spiraling acoustic guitars, and placidly paced percussion of “Reflections”. Open arrangements such as this one allow 3Mind Blight to focus on his ever more fluid and emotional vocal runs, which make the inner workings of his mind visible to listeners. It takes a certain type of artist with a significant amount of introspection to serve up this kind of honest vulnerability, and 3Mind Blight is one of the few rappers who are willing to do so.

Heartfelt and moving, “Reflections” skillfully relays universal truths that almost everyone can relate to, especially those caught up in toxic relationships and stripped of the courage to leave. Based on tone and beat alone, it is easy to see how 3Mind Blight and Sophie Dorsten worked to accomplish the hypnotic sounds of this song. The melody and rhythm are slow and mesmerizing, compelling the listener to almost fall into the lyrics.

One of the most haunting things about “Reflections” is the way Sophie Dorsten sings. Her voice at once strikingly afflicted and then self-empowering, as she ascends into a full-throated bellow, before sinking to poignant and nuanced swell. Through this project, Sophie’s true talent shines along with an impressive vocal range, creative dexterity and emotional highs and lows.

3Mind Blight pairs perfectly with Sophie Dorsten. Despite the sadness that clearly surrounds this theme, there is a subtle line of positivity running through “Reflections”, which is echoed in the conclusion that moving on is the best remedy for heartbreak. “So when did this start, growing so dark. We’re tearing each other apart. Reflecting on what’s gone. It’s time to move along,” they sing.

The performances by 3Mind Blight and Sophie Dorsten are impeccable, and the overwhelming message that shines through, notwithstanding the immediate distress of loss, is of hope for a better future. Ironically, it’s a theme that fits 3Mind Blight like a glove, considering that he is an artist who has always strived for improvement and progression in his career. 3Mind Blight’s style in music is constantly changing and always diverse, which is what makes him so different than other artists in the rap industry.

With his 2021 single, “Reflections” ft. Sophie Dorsten, 3Mind Blight’s explored and focused on creating a song full of stunning vocals, resonating instruments and deep impacting lyricism, which will surprise his audience and should create much deserved love and success.

3Mind Blight puts so much truth and emotion into his music and never fails to record his songs with the best instrumental and music production possible. “Reflections” once again shows that 3Mind Blight’s main goal has, is, and always will be, growth in his music which has no boundaries.

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