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Singer and rapper VAN, mixes rap, indie-pop, and other wonderful electronic styles into characteristically luscious, reserved, and heartfelt gems. Full of arrangements both nuanced and bombastic, as well as deeply distinctive vocals and melodies, his records showcase an exceptional formula. His latest outing, “Fake Love”, charts a substantially similar route. Its emphasis on trap-styled immediacy and pop glamour makes it simultaneously laudable, catchy and iridescent enough to appeal in a commercial sense.

“Fake Love” is a perfect illustration of VAN’s knack for captivating poeticisms and poignant instrumentation. It also demonstrates how wonderfully his voice and the production work in tandem. The ceaselessly soothing vibes, blanket you in sublime comfort, as VAN unfolds his narrative. The result is a melodic, deliberate, introspective song hinging on VAN’s romantic entanglements, in which he lays his feelings bare to the listener’s ears.

The songs features a delicate use of both carefully-constructed melodies, respectively paired with warm synths and skittering percussion. The track smoothly brings the narrative to the fore, allowing listeners to fade further into the feelings and emotions of the song. Its slow-burning tempo, and range of melodic motion, is perfectly matched by the delicacy with which the song is crafted.

“Fake Love” is layered with subdued melodic motifs that highlight singer VAN’s equally soothing and haunting vocals. The rhythm creates a contemplative and gentle soundscape, as song reflects an artist confident in his abilities, and in what he wants his sound to be. This signals a major step forward, considering that he declared, he once hated his own music, and even his life.

The recording simply proves that VAN is constantly evolving and not prepared to stay in stasis, like a motionless husk releasing the same music. It’s clear he wants to make a difference with his music and touch people’s hearts and sensibilities.

The song is heavy with a hopeful hint of soul, VAN’s gentle croon wavering between a mellifluous delivery and a delicate conversational tone. “Fake Love” is richly composed with layers of considered instrumentation and intimate songwriting.

Overall, “Fake Love” will likely be VAN’s most successful drop, as it convincingly introduces the world to his musical and lyrical versatility. The track is richly composed with layers of considered instrumentation and intimate songwriting.

At times the song can feel light and flighty, while other moments are dark and haunting. It’s a striking balance, which hides a confession of “Fake Love” below its surface. It’s a lush master-class in pop sensibilities and personal storytelling.

“Fake Love” it sees VAN finding both the affliction and the beauty within. The beautiful lyrics combine with a sound that leaves a lot of room for the listener’s imagination and interpretation. It creates feelings and moods, digging deep and lasting long in the listener’s mind.

Almost like an addiction, “Fake Love” will always draw the listener back to the vibe and the melody, long after the last note has ended. All of which goes to show how much thought and effort goes into VAN’s creative process.


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