Thomas Deil Releases New Single ‘No Caller ID’ Ft. Siera

Thomas Deil’s latest single, ‘No Caller ID’ featuring Siera thrives on an intoxicating, unhinged upbeat that will lodge itself into the deepest chambers of your brain. It’s a piece that is completed centered around its production value, which the Italian DJ brings in spades. The artist, born Thomas Dalle Stalle, is on his way to becoming one of Europe’s most exhilarating music producers. His latest track underscores his full range of talent — how he is so adept at creating these earworms that are so emphatic and addictive that they almost become a tad disturbing. Yet, he manages to ground the composition through Siera’s lovely, emotive vocals. She delivers the melody with aplomb, contorting her voice just right to fit the rabid cacophony of instruments striking at each other leading up to the chorus.

The chorus isn’t so much a vocal-heavy showdown but a delirious, synth-powered rhythm that hums in the background as Siera croons, each successively line meshing into the bass. There’s a lot of clean symmetry in how Thomas Deil has arranged each and every note against each other; it’s simultaneously chaotic and orderly, where the vocals support the mania created by the discordant notes.

The Padua-born DJ has been crafting remixes and edits left, right, and center and has caught the attention of some of the biggest streaming platforms. His single, ‘Runnin’, released on February 8, is yet another showcase at his ease of recalibrating mundane noise into beautiful, captivating pieces of art. Once again, it’s a female vocal performance that buoys the composition along, but it’s his production work on the bass, the synth, and the drum set that truly carries and uplifts the tune.

Unlike ‘No Caller ID,’ he explores with a variety of rhythms and styles, from the little clicks infusing a communal feel to the piano chords that wrap the entire production up in a warm, fuzzy layer of love. Both ‘Runnin’ and ‘No Caller ID’ are both part of the EP ‘Mars 2020’. To make up four tracks, the EP also features The Otherside ft. Meredith Bull and Friends ft. Kiki Rowe (the latest achieved #1 on italy electronic chart and #21 on italy overall chart on itunes).

Thomas Deil’s brief but colorful discography speaks volumes on his potential and if he keeps exploring different styles and sounds, there is no doubt he will achieve big-time success in the music production space.

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