Posted on: September 28, 2021 Posted by: Peter Burns Comments: 0

Born and raised in Southern California, music has always been a passion but I chose to serve and raise a family keeping my music on the back burner. Military service is over, wife left, kids all grown, time to pursue my lifelong passion full time. Born breached, hole in my heart, open heart surgery age 4, held hostage at gunpoint by father at age 5. Grew up running the streets and alleys of Long Beach then relocated to Whittier which is where I started dabbling with an old keyboard I pulled out of our garage. Long story short this track “Don’t Lose the Light” is about the inner struggle between light and darkness within each of us as individuals as well as collectively as a society. In these seemingly dark, unpredictable, and challenging times, this track is a reminder to myself and to all of us not to lose the light.



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