Wes Dean – “Movin’ On” – a lifetime’s worth of wisdoms in just one track!

Substance and vigor are the operative words on the single “Movin’ On” by Wes Dean. He may be late to the recoding scene, but there’s no question Wes can rock as hard as anyone. Moreover his vocal style, which is loaded with tone and character, works well with this style of music.  What makes the track great is Wes Dean knowing what he’s playing, knowing what message he wants to convey and it’s from the heart. And any words spoken from heart will touch the heart, no matter what they are. The man has an aura and a spark that runs a lot deeper than your mainstream corporate rockers.

What sets a musician’s solo career apart from a band’s career is that: a band is a collaborative effort of multiple members. Everyone pitches in the ideas, best ones get selected, everyone works on their respective instruments and music is composed.

On the other hand, a solo career is a step a musician takes to pursue his singular vision, something he can call his own. “Movin’ On” is the fruit of that vision, while Wes has another 8 songs in the pipeline which he will complete for future release.

Born and raised in Virginia, USA, Wes Dean has been a life-long musician, beginning with piano lessons at age 6, and playing trumpet, flugelhorn, and French horn in his high-school band. Since his college days, he has played guitar, acoustic first and then electric for the last 9 years, but only for pleasure inside his own house.

The song “Movin’ On” led Wes to Cue Recording, where he sang the vocals and played guitar, surrounding himself with the talents of studio artists such as Buddy Sheir on guitar, Tyler Schafer on drums, and Holly Montgomery on bass.

The musicians, production team, mastering team, the studio, mixing team; they all complement each other in this single. And when each one works as a team, the result is what you will find out by listening “Movin’ On”.

The song creates easy rock n’ roll nostalgia with crunchy and fiery guitar solos, but also keeps valuable room to ensure that new memories are made. “Gotta keep on movin’.  Keep on movin’. Movin’ on,” sings Wes Dean, as he deals out snippets of inspiration about living life without fear, despite the struggles faced.

This is definitely a track to put on when you are feeling depressed or down for any reason whatsoever. You can feel everything that went into this song because it is so simply so well done.

A strong set of riffs and a driving melody doesn’t hurt, either, as Wes Dean leaps from the speakers and grabs you by the lapels with the first chorus of “Movin’ On”. Wes is an artist that can make the act of writing out a lifetime’s worth of wisdoms in just one track, sound both simple and noble.

On “Movin’ On”, Wes Dean takes you away from the world for three minutes and forty-eight seconds, and then drops you back where you began – only now somehow changed, in touch with a feeling of empowerment that you didn’t know you already had. That’s the power of music…Wes Dean’s music!


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