James Bene – “Hours” is sewn together with bright, expressive vocal artistry

Song after song, James Bene brings his own sensibilities, emotions and finely-calibrated vocals to the table, unlocking sonic possibilities that many of his peers fail to uncover in pop music. The pop star in James emerges on his edgy and epic new number, “Hours”, with its electrifying vocals, captivating guitar parts, and sweeping keyboards. As always, he absolutely kills it, in the best, most positive way possible. He begins with incredible control, gradually ascending to that next dimension – that next level, where most of his contemporaries hardly have the vocal talent to tread. For those new to him, James Bene is an American singer-songwriter living in Los Angeles who has been writing, playing and composing music since he was a child. A natural performer, he earned a BFA in Music from The Catholic University in Washington D.C and later toured as a performing artist in musicals, plays and other theatrical platforms.

“Hours” is my second listening experience with James Bene, after thoroughly enjoying his previous single, “American Warrior”, and the results are the same. From start to finish, James will transport you on a sonic journey through electro-pop indulgence and a soaring, soulful delivery.

James allows himself to open up and move beyond the simple pop polish, bringing a new depth and showing off the incredible range that makes him such a standout performer in the first place. “Hours” will leave fans wondering how on earth James plans on topping it in the future.

James Bene’s gift for vocal showmanship is on full display throughout. His ability to grab heads and capture attention always shines through in his music, and it shines so much brighter on “Hours” which drops officially, via all platforms, on December 22nd.

Independent of the song’s sonic aesthetic, James melds his craft from a wide range of genres and influences, while his own personality shines through and goes a long way towards creating a fascinating listen.  He strikes a tone that is confident and refreshingly edgy, despite the heartfelt vulnerability of the narrative.

There is a sense that James Bene is getting personal in a way that he rarely has before. “Hours” succeeds in capturing the essence of the artist’s skills, and helps him carve a fresh path for steps yet to be taken on his musical journey.

The song is definitely a single James can be proud of. Its sounds and vibes sewn together with bright, expressive vocal artistry. The lyrics are really good in this song and the production allows you to pay attention to what is being sung.

“Hours” is another stunning track that demonstrates very clearly the breadth of James Bene’s range. He oozes confidence, buoyed by his increasing maturity and authenticity as a songwriter, which turns the track into a gliding, striding piece of high-flying magic.

“Hours” allows James to strut through the song with power and poise, staking his claim toward mainstream recognition. He revels in the luxury of its sound at every given opportunity, as a refreshing reinforcement of his raw talent. There can be no doubt that this song should help win him an even broader audience.


Website: www.jamesbene.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7wc0YuJJ7dO3Dzyx0jjjwT
Hours Pre-Save: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jamesbene/hours
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/james-bene/1589055533
Instagram: @Jamesbene

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