MOON AND ARIES – “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode Two)” has an immersive, mood-inducing feel

The new record by the forward-thinking synth-pop-opera duo, made up of German composer-producer Tom Aries, and Canadian writer-singer, Jordana Moon, better known as MOON AND ARIES, continues to [Read More…]

James Bene – “American Warrior” will marvelously seduce audiences with its captivating tones

James Bene is set to release his single “American Warrior” on November 22. The track is energetic, powerful and with plenty of anthemic punch to [Read More…]

Boostman Family: “I’ll Be There For You” – a complete, balanced and polished package

The electro/pop band Boostman Family, founded in 2012, is composed of different artists from the same family, of which Amy and David are the visible [Read More…]

Linda Lind – “All Night Long” – a debut to stand behind and be proud of!

Linda Lind is a Swedish singer, songwriter and producer. Ten days after graduation high school in Sweden she packed two suitcases and moved to Los [Read More…]