Howie Spitts – “Frozen Love, Pt.1” unfolds his rapid-fire flow!

Out of Springfield IL, Howie Spitts is a musician who uses music to connect. Fame isn’t the end goal for Howie. He just wants to connect with as many people as possible through his craft and hopefully even change a life through it. Howie sets out to cross-pollinate two very different kinds of urban musicality on his extended single, “Frozen Love, Pt.1”. He sings and he spits rhymes with equal ease and comfort. The 2 track recording feels lush and lively, and treats its grooves like vehicles to drive engaging storytelling. At the same time it gets cozy in its own warm and wooly textures. It presents gorgeous production with exquisite vocals and instrumentation.

Ultimately, the single’s gift is bridging cross-generational hip-hop ideologies and vibing over beats that sound fantastic in and out of headphones. The recording kicks off with “HER”. A spacey, futuristic track, with glistening keys, gently throbbing percussion and Howie Spitts’ heart-melting baritone. Spitts shows himself to be a formidable talent, exhibiting carefully tailored rhymes, sweeping vocal melody, and instrumental passages that give this song an exhilarating unpredictability.

“You leaving me was the best thing that happened. Me in these streets, I turn back to a savage. We could have been everything we imagined, don’t know what happened. You was my Jasmin, girl I’m no Aladdin cause up in these streets I turn back to a savage,” exclaims Howie Spitts, as he lays the narrative of “HER” on the line.  The artist from Springfield is a jack of all trades, who can go from energetically singing neo-soul type melodies to rapping smooth and urgent lines.

That latter talent comes into full-force play on “Froze”, where Howie Spitts unfolds his rapid-fire flow. He also unpacks some explicit wordplay that is smartly hidden in the rhythm of the rhymes.

Here he shows off a knotty and edgy vocal style, weaving his way through the tricky subject matter at impressive speeds. Spitts sounds incredibly awesome here, given his incredibly distinct pipes, which radiate with personality. He has no shortage of confidence either.

The track has a grand sonic palette, providing both banging bump and cinematic sheen. With “Froze”, Howie Spitts proves that he’s an artist built to last and a musician who has what it takes to own a place among underground hip-hop’s elite.

All in all, “Frozen Love, Pt.1” is a compelling extended single. It displays the multi-talented artist skills and lyrical ability extremely well. Without question, this record does many things very well. Above all, it takes the strengths of Howie Spitts to the next level.

“Frozen Love, Pt.1” boasts many great moments. The beats are rich and rewarding, while Howie Spitts is capable of delivering impressive bars of any nature and style, resulting in a performance spectacle of the highest level.

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