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JJ Raschel has been making world and mystical infused music since his early years at his practice space at his grandma’s house. Through rock, blues, reggae and soul influences, he has brought a truly unique blend and style to the music scene. With his recent release of the new EP Soul Tribe recorded at Edgewater Studios (Houston) and distributed through Sony Orchard, he hopes to bring a transformational message and world sound to listeners’ ears.

His song ‘Rising Wave’ from the release is a perfect representation of the blends and melodic power of his band’s healing and groovy sound. “These are songs written in a time of hardship, when the world has seemed to fall into chaos. But they are a vision of what can be. A unity and love that overcomes the corrupt, the violence, and most of all the, negative pull of our own minds. I hope these songs make you dance, sing, cry, and journey to the depths of your soul!” – JJ Raschel of JJ and The Mystics.


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