Gotti Mirano is getting ready to sucker punch the industry!

Gotti Mirano has gained a lot of attention with the release of Drake’s recent album, highlighting his new sound that has grown different stories on social media. Days after news surfaced, the young star had gained thousands of fans along with a blue check verified stamp.

Truth is, Gotti Mirano has doubled down on his versatility, kicked out the rear-view mirror and refuses to look before switching lanes. As younger artists have come to dominate rap, hip-hop – any genre they choose – one name has fought its way closer to the center of the room – Gotti Mirano.

Finding his place with a few hot releases during the last two years, Gotti is getting ready to sucker punch an industry that has been sleeping instead of celebrating the power of trap metal. His raw and untamed demeanor cannot be sedated.

Connect with Gotti Mirano and his music:

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