Jahn Dough – “The Garden Project” is framing him as a superb student of the craft

Rapper and educator Jahn Dough releases new project “The Garden Project” along with new visual “G Wagon” . The California born artist who lives in Dallas, TX, is heavily influenced by great musicians like Prince and Pharrell, which you can be heard throughout “The Garden Project.”  Possessing a business degree from the University of North Texas, Jahn Dough has been in the education field for several years; however, he has been in tune with music since the age of 7, and creates songs with the intention of changing the narrative not only for black men, but also for creatives in general.

Jahn Dough’s feels like a comforting friend who is sitting by your side simultaneously playing the roles of teacher, student and peer. The world needs more artists and people like Jahn Dough, and assuming this album makes it to as many ears as it deserves to, I have faith that his music will slowly but surely create the next generation of enlightened minds.

Jahn Dough is framing himself as a superb student of the craft, who commands considerable respect for his skillset and catalog from the sidelines and out of the spotlight, with enough firepower to assert himself if he needs to. With his album, “The Garden Project”, the rapper continues to show his growth as an artist and human being.

There are poets, preachers, teachers and scholars — and then there is Jahn Dough, who encompasses all four. He raps with a passion that is fueled by enlightened honesty.

Connect with Jahn Dough’s music here: https://linktr.ee/jahndough7203

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