Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi – ‘ME & SUZY-SUZY IN THE WOOZATORIA’ pushes your condescending musical taste-buds

Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi is among the most exciting punk and thrash artists of the past three decades, or if you prefer, among those who are grounded in their hatred of pop culture, the emptiness of corporate rock and the meaninglessness of melodic sweetness. Steve has managed to coin a more distinctive, anti-conformist sound within in a pretentious musical society crowded with so-called virtuoso musicians and scantily clad singing divas. Where metal warriors look at the world and try to escape it, the Gangsta Rabbi’s dissonant punk aesthetic looks to destroy it.

“ME & SUZY-SUZY IN THE WOOZATORIA (1stAria-Opus132 ‘BOMBAST IN THE MOSH (#40/78)-PIT’)” offers a fresh take on  Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi’s sonic template, added more atmosphere and personality to his militia punk formula. The connection between Steve and his music is unbreakable, making for explosive, emotional studio chemistry. His energy never falters and is still blazingly contagious, despite his known health problems.

Don’t go expecting elaborate songwriting and mind-blowing harmonies, because that is not what punk, hardcore or Steve has ever been about, and will ever turn into. It’s a mayhem channeling session that leaves nothing to the listener’s interpretation. Steve packs all the sonic power he can into the track leaving little or nothing to be desired. You’ll have to play this musical piece infinite times to guess which instruments re being used, and you won’t even come close.

We know from past listening experiences that Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi sings, plays guitar, hybrid guitar/bass, bass, tenor trombone, bad-ass distorted bass trombone, flutes, talabard, pocket Theremin, clarinet, melodica, and beat machines.  My feeling is that Steve has added some extra sonic spice on “ME & SUZY-SUZY IN THE WOOZATORIA (1stAria-Opus132 ‘BOMBAST IN THE MOSH (#40/78)-PIT’)”.

In my opinion, Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi has always stayed true to himself, and never relinquished his status as one of the most unconventional and anarchic pillars of the American hardcore punk scene. He defends it up to this very day, coming in loud and proud on this single. Every time you press play on Steve Lieberman track, you may know what’s coming but you’ll listen anyway, because it’s always a thrilling encounter that pushes your condescending musical taste-buds over the limits of mainstream decency.

There is no pretentious fakery here. “ME & SUZY-SUZY IN THE WOOZATORIA (1stAria-Opus132 ‘BOMBAST IN THE MOSH (#40/78)-PIT’)” is the real deal, offering vigorous intensity that is exceptionally loud and dense. Dull moments are never a factor on this track, as things are always going at full speed, and no instrument is permitted to slouch. The whole package is a brilliant hybrid of pounding rhythm, screaming guitars, chanting vocals, and as much musical mayhem as can be mustered by one highly spirited Jewish punk, To be played as loud as inhumanely possible, of course.

In short, no musical apocalypse has ever kicked so much ass, and when we unfold the lyrics, thing get even wilder: “My pee-pee. Once build like a tree. Then I got older. My pee-pee’s a soldier! Suzy, Suzy Suzy Su-zy. Holds my head when I go woozy. And I’ve been in the Woozatoria. Leading the Noise Militia. C’mon and share, share my tragedy. Suzy, Suzy Suzy Su-zy”. It doesn’t feel unfair to call Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi inimitable, at this stage. There simply isn’t another artist or band that does what he does. They wouldn’t even dare…


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