DNAtheG steadily builds an increasing depth far beyond diamonds and flossing

New single released – “The Lonely Road ft. Clint Manning (prod. O Maille)”

N/A Hip Hop’s RNA the MESSENGER (aka DNAtheG) originally hails from Dorchester, MA where he graduated from Boston College with a degree in English.  He released his first project, “The Code EP”, in 2013 under the moniker DNAtheG. This project garnered instant buzz in various media such as HotNewHipHop.com, Rockstar Magazine, and other webzines. This was followed by the latest album, “Here Cometh the Dreamer”, from which the single, “The Lonely Road ft. Clint Manning (prod. O Maille)” has been extracted.


DNAtheG is a brilliant rapper. His rhyme schemes and lyrics are crazy on “Here Cometh the Dreamer” as he mixes melodic hooks and hardcore rapping, dropping a flurry of metaphors, here, there…and everywhere. DNAtheG is a skilled lyricist who can change the tempo and rhyme scheme so easily it’s beautiful to listen to. Each song on the album also has a different rhyme style that makes him pretty likeable to all.

While most upcoming rappers pick up the torch for diamonds and flossing and run with it, on this album, DNAtheG steadily builds an increasing depth far beyond just talking about wealth and girls. He’s mastered the craft of intelligent storytelling, and tightened up his flow to match a lyrical Swiss watch with flawless timing, commanding every track like a pro, which he is!

Again, what immediately draws you into DNAtheG’s world is his distinct and intriguing voice, as well as his complex rhyme scheme, particularly the way he effortlessly changes tempos and styles. The production on the album is also flawless, as DNAtheG gets to grips with some interesting names producing on the album, like Theold, Ruler Why and O Maille, who all do a tremendous job.


So, the bottom line is that this album is different. DNAtheG’s rapping and lyrical content is special and unique, the singing is impressive, the hooks are extremely catchy, and the beats are flawless. And if that’s not enough, the album has some great features in Raquel Llere-stern, Jackie Venison and Clint Manning.

Now if you took all of those positives and squeezed it into only 4 minutes and 12 seconds, you would end up with the DNAtheG’s latest single release “The Lonely Road ft. Clint Manning (prod. O Maille), a track that will exceed your expectations!


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