SoundMixer Abder – “Dancing Jazz Music 2022 (Remix)” – blending the traditional and the contemporary!

Born in Europe and resident in Africa for some time, SoundMixer Abder’s music is overwhelmingly eclectic — a musical minefield of genre amalgamation. He pulls from not only jazz, but also ambient, house and world music among others. His musical mind wanders deep into electronic experimentation. His track “Dancing Jazz Music 2022 (Remix)” brings much of his creativity into perspective. The track is a diverse and constantly evolving arrangement, blending the traditional and the contemporary, and the acoustic and the electronic. It pushes the boundaries of jazz and electronic music, and sounds a source of inspiration for many musicians, producers and composers.

Funky basslines meet dynamic percussion and sweeping brass motifs, as the sax and keyboards punctuate the song with brief melodic interludes. SoundMixer Abder is not afraid to flirt with different sounds and influences, blending these elements into “Dancing Jazz Music 2022 (Remix)”. This gives his music a unique and diverse sound.

Overall SoundMixer Abder’s music is marked by its virtuosity, diversity, and emotional depth. His compositions are often grand and intricate, but also melodic and accessible, and he has a unique ability to blend different styles and create a new sound. The music maker’s ability to tell stories through his compositions is evident in how the sonic imagery of this track creates vivid pictures inside your head.

Though not explicitly doing so, SoundMixer Abder’s music often has a narrative and storytelling aspect to it, which is something unique to his compositions. His mixes always seem to want to take on a journey to some new destination. “Dancing Jazz Music 2022 (Remix)” is no exception to the rule. Intense, emotive and powerful, the song also evokes different feelings and emotions in the listener.

SoundMixer Abder’s vision has truly snapped into focus with “Dancing Jazz Music 2022 (Remix)”. A sprawling, ambitious and rhythmically intense work, it combines most of the artist’s iconic sounds into a surprisingly coherent whole that’s framed with SoundMixer Abder’s penchant for a solid groove. Hence, creating something that sounds of its time, whilst simultaneously progressive and retro. Everything on this track sounds amazing.

The beat is crisp and crunchy, the keys and loops are tight and catchy, while the deep throbbing basslines take center stage, despite the impressive horns. In reality, “Dancing Jazz Music 2022 (Remix)” is everything that fans have come to expect from SoundMixer Abder. This is a song expertly composed and produced that we are left scratching our heads over. You will find yourself floating in the cosmic atmosphere of this sensational groove.

There’s no doubting the technical work at play in a SoundMixer Abder song, as he sews together a patchwork of sounds, creating a dynamic mood and a radiant rhythm. As a whole, “Dancing Jazz Music 2022 (Remix)” is a sincerely joyous experience. The blends of soulful instrumentation make for a record one can enjoy in a group or by yourself with a pair of headphones. The brilliant auras of sound and feeling swirl together to create moments of euphoria and elation.


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