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#PetAdoptionRocks Brings Talented Musicians Together to Save Homeless Pets Worldwide

Musician and producer Clay Joule has been in the vanguard of efforts to use music to spread positive messages about homeless dogs since he began his Pet Adoption Rocks music campaign in January 2022.  As a result of his work as a singing-drummer on more than dozens of legendary rock songs, Joule has gained the support of many aspiring musicians and artists around the world to help out with this important initiative. Artist Sofi Berro of Argentina appears in a new music video for the classic song “I Fell the Earth Move” by Carole King.   Sofi has volunteered to finish the voice take and record it at Truwan Studio as a demonstration of her dedication to assisting animals in need anywhere in the world. She took the effort to create this music video, and her superb vocal performance conveys a powerful message: adopting a pet is worthwhile, especially in this tough times.

Sofi Berro has a lot of heart, and a lot of that heart goes out to strays and abandoned dogs all around the globe. She hopes to effect good social change via the #PetAdoptionRocks initiative, which she is supporting by donating her lovely voice to. Her heartfelt song will touch listeners all throughout the globe, and they will be moved to take action to improve the lives of these beautiful creatures.  Sofi’s talent was used in the productions of “Mis Otros Yo,” a musical that ran in 2018 and 2019, and “La Piel del Tiempo,” a dance piece that premiered in November 2017 in Buenos Aires. In November of 2017, “La Piel del Tiempo” was released to the public. Sofi studied piano at the ‘Fracassi’ music school. She attended UCA University, where she studied movie score and music production, before opting to dedicate her life to the arts.

The decision to have a pet is significant not simply because of the effects it will have on your life, but also on the animal’s. The bond that forms between a person and their animal companion is unparalleled. Adopting an animal not only helps the animal but also gives it a better life than it would have otherwise.  One that is more full of the love and affection it would have otherwise had. It has been shown that keeping a pet may increase a person’s mood. This kind of bond is stronger than any blood tie could ever be.

The music video for “I Feel the Earth Move” may be seen on the YouTube account that is co-managed by Clay Joule and Truwan Studio. You should listen to it if you care about the situation of homeless and stray animals throughout the globe. Making a big impact on the lives of others may be as simple as adopting a dog, cat, or other animal. You won’t only be bettering your own life, you’ll be bettering the life of all other people around you as well.

I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE Music Video –  or you can find this song on the PET ADOPTION ROCKS playlist here:  Clay Joule & Truwan Studio Youtube Channel:

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