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In the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop and rap, where trends shift like the tides, few artists manage to carve their own path while honoring the roots that birthed the genre. Enter Rolondo Rich, a true descendant of the ‘Thug Life’ era, whose family ties to the legendary Tupac Shakur provides not just a legacy, but an undeniable influence that courses through his veins. Inspired not only by his cousin but also by the enigmatic Tupac himself, Rolondo Rich has risen from the ashes of his past, using his artistry as a vessel to transform adversity into triumph. Emerging from the shadows of federal prison, Rich vowed to shatter the chains that held him captive, dedicating himself to a future devoid of incarceration.

It is this determination and reverence for the game’s business aspect that fuels his journey, a sentiment he succinctly captures with, “I’m the last of that Dying Breed and I was taught early on that the music industry is 90% business.”

In a powerful stride forward, Rolondo Rich unveils a pivotal moment of artistic strength through a double single release – “Rich Roll” and “My Shit Goes.” Clocking in at just over six minutes combined, the endeavors aren’t just audacious in their musicality but emblems of his artistic fortitude.

One immediately discerns that this is no dalliance with fleeting trends, nor a dalliance with musical excess. Instead, it’s a skill Rolondo Rich has honed with finesse over time – flipping the script on classic sounds, and turning them into modern-day stunners.

Aptly describing the tracks as infectious anthems wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Rolondo Rich, whose lyrical delivery has consistently exuded an air of self-assured ease, stakes his claim across every sonic inch. In “My Shit Goes,” a funky undercurrent forms the foundation, effortlessly echoing the old-school aesthetics without the burden of strained imitation.

Here, Rolondo Rich’s flow melds seamlessly with the groove, the synergy between his vocals and the production a testament to the meticulous craft that has been poured into the track. Charisma drips from every syllable, punctuated by moments of witty wordplay that showcase his lyrical prowess.

Meanwhile, “Rich Roll” opens with pulsating drums and Latin-infused acoustic guitars, an eclectic amalgamation that lures the listener in. Rolondo Rich’s delivery in this track is a torrential outpouring of unrelenting energy, each verse an unceasing rush that propels the narrative forward. Yet, beneath the captivating production lies a current of authenticity that powers the track, a reflection of his unfiltered truths.

Rolondo Rich’s music transcends mere auditory experience – it’s an avenue for channeling emotions, a means of storytelling through verses, and a platform for exuding unabashed confidence. The two singles encapsulate this ethos, welcoming both the casual listener and the devout hip-hop aficionado into its pulsating embrace. Rolondo Rich bridges the gap between the simple and the complex, inviting us to dwell in the core essentials of the genre that ignited cultural revolutions.

As anticipation for his forthcoming debut full-length album reaches fever pitch, Rolondo Rich stands poised to usher in a new chapter, a chapter built on the legacy of his roots, the triumph over adversity, and an unyielding commitment to the essence of hip-hop.

With “Rich Roll” and “My Shit Goes,” he not only pays homage to his lineage but cements his own name in the annals of the genre’s evolution. In a world of fleeting fads, Rolondo Rich’s music is a testament to the timeless allure of authenticity and the unbreakable spirit of artistic ambition.


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