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Congratulations to composer Melvin Fromm Jr. and his collaborating music roster of award-winning platinum, gold, and Billboard-topping musicians and producers whose creative ingenuity has graced the works of renowned stars. Their music has been Shazamed over 2,000 times in 2023. People heard Melvin’s music playing in businesses they were at and wanted to know the name of the song and artist. This marks the first time Melvin’s music has been Shazamed so frequently in one year.

So, how does Shazam work? Let’s say you are in a shop and you like the music you’re hearing. Start the app and tap the Shazam button. A digital fingerprint of the audio is created and, within seconds, matched against Shazam’s database of millions of tracks. You are then given the name of the track and the artist, along with information such as artist biography and recommended tracks.

It’s a great honor for Melvin Fromm Jr. that so many people wanted to know the music playing, needing to discover the name of the song and artist. It signifies that Melvin’s music is not only catching ears but also touching souls. An indie business radio chart shared with Melvin showed his music hit #25 on the chart for “What’s Music Hot On Worldwide Business Radio In 2023.”

[A special thanks to all those worldwide for the love and support of Melvin’s music. May God bless us all!]

Who is Melvin Fromm Jr.? Melvin Fromm Jr.’s compositions have achieved unparalleled distinction. His musical repertoire has garnered prestigious placements within the Grammy-Oscar music library and a world-class composer music library, solidifying his position as an esteemed figure in the realm of contemporary instrumental music.

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