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Congrats to composer Melvin Fromm Jr. and his collaborating music roster of award-winning platinum, gold, and Billboard-topping musicians and producers, whose creative ingenuity has graced the works of renowned stars, for making the list of “India 2023 Best Of Indie Pop Music” due to lots of new and older pop music of Melvin’s being played in India during 2023. This was the first time Melvin’s music has been added to this India pop playlist.

The most popular pop song of Melvin’s that got the most play in India 2023 was the song “Your The One” an upbeat duet female/male song as you can check it out on YouTube @ (A special thanks to all those worldwide for the love and support of Melvin’s music. May God bless us all!)

Who Is Melvin Fromm Jr.?Melvin Fromm Jr.’s compositions have achieved an unparalleled distinction. His musical repertoire has garnered prestigious placements within the Grammy-Oscar music library and a world-class composer music library, solidifying his position as an esteemed figure in the realm of contemporary instrumental music.

You can hear Melvin’s music, read more amazing music stories on Melvin and license Melvin’s music @ (A special thanks to the Depositphotos content team for all the music promotion they have given Melvin’s music worldwide to date on their music license platform and weekly e-mail promotions. May God’s blessings keep shinning on this amazing team.)


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