Les Fradkin’s ‘Remote Control’: An Insightful Commentary on Modern Society

In a music industry where innovation often comes at the expense of tradition, Les Fradkin stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of both. From the dawn of his career as a successful songwriter/composer in the 1970s, through his groundbreaking work in guitar synthesis and tapeless recording in the 1980s, to his current status as a virtuoso MIDI guitarist in the 21st century, Fradkin has continually pushed the boundaries of musical expression. His latest single, “Remote Control,” epitomizes his pioneering spirit, offering a rich tapestry of progressive rock interwoven with classical elements, creating a soundscape that is as thought-provoking as it is sonically captivating.

Les Fradkin is no stranger to the spotlight. As one of the original members of the hit Broadway show “Beatlemania,” he has enthralled audiences with his extraordinary guitar prowess and compositional genius. A classically trained musician with a rock guitarist’s edge, Fradkin’s versatility is evident in every note he plays. His latest track, “Remote Control,” is a masterclass in musical craftsmanship, featuring an expansive array of instruments including the Mellotron, Chamberlin, Starr Labs Ztar, nylon string guitar, bass, and drums. Complementing his virtuosic instrumentation, Fradkin’s vocals are both commanding and evocative, delivering a narrative that resonates deeply on multiple levels.

“Remote Control” is an immersive experience. Co-written by Les Fradkin, Loretta Fradkin, and Diana Reid Haig, the track delves into themes of control, dependence, and unseen influence. The sophisticated arrangement oscillates between slow and mid-tempo, creating a dynamic auditory journey. Fradkin’s temperate and assured voice navigates through a labyrinth of emotions, from personal entanglement to societal critique, all underpinned by a rhythmic and hypnotic soundscape.

Les Fradkin

The song begins by painting a vivid picture of an authoritative presence that exerts a remote influence over the protagonist. This unseen force represents a form of manipulation that is as intangible as it is potent, suggesting an emotional or psychological grip that the protagonist finds inescapable. As the narrative unfolds, the protagonist grapples with an internal struggle, their thoughts and actions dictated by this external force. The sense of control intensifies, transitioning from a subtle influence to a profound conditioning that borders on addiction.

Les Fradkin’s intricate musical arrangement serves as a perfect backdrop for the song’s lyrical depth. The instrumental solo, devoid of lyrics, provides a moment of introspection, allowing the music to echo the protagonist’s inner turmoil. This solo is not merely an interlude but a pivotal emotional crescendo that amplifies the song’s narrative.

As “Remote Control” progresses, it shifts its focus from personal to societal, broadening its commentary to address the pervasive influence of hidden powers in modern society. The final verse critiques these “shadow leaders” who manipulate the masses, drawing a parallel to contemporary concerns about media, politics, and corporate influence. This societal commentary is not just a backdrop but a crucial component of the song’s narrative, urging listeners to reflect on the extent of external control in their own lives.

“Remote Control” by Les Fradkin is a compelling exploration of the modern human condition, capturing the intricate dynamics of control and dependence through vivid imagery and a captivating narrative. Its rhythmic and hypnotic elements enhance the song’s message, making it a powerful reflection on the unseen forces that shape our lives. The track challenges listeners to consider their autonomy and freedom in a world increasingly dominated by remote and invisible influences.

In an era where music often feels disposable, Les Fradkin’s “Remote Control” stands out as a poignant reminder of the art form’s power to provoke thought and evoke emotion. It’s a call to awareness, urging us to scrutinize the unseen strings that guide our actions and beliefs. As a musical innovator and storyteller, Fradkin once again proves that his creativity knows no bounds, delivering a track that is as intellectually stimulating as it is musically mesmerizing.


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