ECHOGLASS – “Hard” catches fire musically from the opening bars

The Lancashire, Blackburn-based collective, ECHOGLASS, is a musical vehicle for core members DA McKenna, Remmy and Bo, who release their creations through Darkhouse Recordings. Their work is [Read More…]

ECHOGLASS: “Stories From The North” – a rich soak of emotive elegance

Described as former buskers, beggars, and executors of unsavory professions, ECHOGLASS are composed of DA McKenna, Remmy, Bo, JJ and Fritz. The indie collective release [Read More…]

Ed Hale: “So For Real” – sounding contemporary whilst embracing the past

Ed Hale’s upwards trajectory continues unabated with the release of his latest album “So For Real”, which was released via Dying Van Gogh Records last [Read More…]

A&L: “We Are Love” is packed with listener-friendly elements

A&L is releasing their 8th single “We Are Love”. The Britpop-styled song celebrates diversity, acceptance and love. “We hope to share a positive message that [Read More…]