Into the Abyss: Coma Beach Explores New Frontiers with “I Won’t Listen” EP

The world craves conformity, a monotonous drone where the ordinary masquerades as the norm. But from the heart of Würzburg, Germany, erupts a sonic rebellion [Read More…]

Melodies That Stir the Soul: Grizzly’s Garden’s ‘Traveling Blue’ Paints a Musical Masterpiece

In the heart of Hamburg, an enchanting musical haven blooms under the nurturing hands of singer-songwriter Tobias Katz, known to the world as Grizzly’s Garden. [Read More…]

Linus Linkenheil – ‘Come On Over’ ties together love, self-reflection, and yearning!

The German-born artist, Linus Linkenheil has consistently worked towards a distinctive sound that establishes musical maturity, fusing lyrical profound narratives with catchy melodies. Linus aims [Read More…]

H2whoa – “Fever Slam” – texturally thumping music that sounds distinctly of its creator

H2whoa’s electronic music is a mesmerizing blend of shuffling rhythms and melodies, featuring an impressive carousel of miscellaneous sounds waiting patiently for their turn to [Read More…]

Dream Legacy bring together classic vintage rock sounds with modernized progressive flavors

The brainchild of Andy Paynes and Alan Medeiros, the 6-piece German rock band, Dream Legacy, also comprises of members John Zell, Ryan Zell, Ebo Hösch [Read More…]