Into the Abyss: Coma Beach Explores New Frontiers with “I Won’t Listen” EP

The world craves conformity, a monotonous drone where the ordinary masquerades as the norm. But from the heart of Würzburg, Germany, erupts a sonic rebellion [Read More…]

Social Distance – “I’m Outside Your House” is a tactile pleasure, something immediate that sticks with you!

The true scope L.A. punk rock group, Social Distance’s talent, is most prevalent in their single “I’m Outside Your House”. With straight-talking lyricism and dynamic instruments, [Read More…]

Ember Mikayla – “Dissociative Anarchist” – a revolt against humankind’s often repulsive and destructive obsessions

Punk rock artist, Ember Mikayla is a transgender woman who suffered a rough life growing up, due to which she also developed mental health issues. [Read More…]