The Keymakers: “Tell Me Something” – girded by powerful songwriting and production skills

The Keymakers is the duo musical project from Rome Alexander and Rederic. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, the two brothers now live together in Boston. [Read More…]

The Keymakers: “Burning Me Up” – a modern crossover R&B track

After dropping their critically debut single, “Good For You” during September 2017, the brothers Rome Alexander and Rederic who form the musical project The Keymakers, [Read More…]

The Keymakers: ‘Good for You’ – a strong sense of the present in the production

Boston-based, but Pittsburg, PA, born and raised, brothers Rome Alexander and Rederic form the musical project The Keymakers. Individually, the boys have been making music [Read More…]

Rome Alexander: “A Song For Mama” – as smooth as fine silk

Focused on Rome Alexander’s mesmerizing skillset of tender vocals and penetrating, honest lyrics, “A Song For Mama” reflects a 21st century perspective of love and [Read More…]