On “Ocean Skin” Harrison Nida shows off music talent

Hailing from Northern California, San-Carlos native Harrison Nida relocated to Manhattan, set about defining his sound. He draws influences from Weezer, Jack Johnson, Blink 182, and Nirvana. Growing up riding motorcycles, skateboards, and surfing, this artist creates carefree music, reminiscent of his childhood. Harrison has been songwriting since age 12.

harrison-nida-400After the single “Celebrity Crush”, Harrison Nida has now released, “Ocean Skin”, the second single from his critically acclaimed debut Ep “Harrison”. Nida has a unique power pop sound, mixed with an alternative rock flavor and vivid, inspiring lyrics. His tracks are also filled with catchy hooks and sweet melodies.

Well-crafted both lyrically and melodically, “Ocean Skin”, just sounds like a great song done by an artist making good music without pretension and having a fantastic time doing it.  Nida comes across as being very sweet and humble too. And that’s no mean feat, considering the booming egocentric-induced music flooding the mainstream market.

Everything about this single works beautifully, combining Nida’s signature pop-alternative sound with subtle nuances and production flourishes that build on what’s come before on “Celebrity Crush”.

“Ocean Skin”, is less ‘anxious’ and ‘urgent’ and more ‘relaxed’ and ‘sprawlingly inviting’, yet still maintaining a biting edge to its delivery; the absorption of this track parallels being submerged in a musical pool of bliss. It’s a hard emotion to describe. Something like being equally excited and powerfully relaxed at the same time!

harrison-nida-coverTo cut to the chase – this single is excellent. From beginning to end Harrison Nida shows off music talent. His vocals are smooth and melodic and the music is such a groove you won’t even know you’re jamming until you find yourself dancing around your living room. His lyrics are precise and meaningful as he hits the points home that matter most to him in this mid-tempo song about desire and longing.

Harrison Nida’s songs carefully craft the elements of rock and pop as they present a pleasant break from an exhausting music scene that too often lazily recycles overused aspects of everyone else’s songs, lacking any true ingenuity and substance. All in all, it won’t take more than one rotation of “Ocean Skin” for you to fall in love with Harrison Nida forever!


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