Ren Ravage – “Up In Smoke” – creative sparks are everywhere!

Ren Ravage is an underground artist from Atlanta. His unique style is what makes his music stand out, and his new EP, “Up In Smoke”, only further diversifies his sound. This 10-track recording is a refreshing piece of work, with each song sounding completely different from the last one. While one song will have you bobbing your head to a futuristic beat, the next one will likely have you belting out the lyrics to an anthemic banger. Listening to the EP the whole way through is an experience, as it truly feels as if Ren Ravage is trying to immerse you in the artistry of the music and the urgent beats. From the unique songs he includes and the many lyrical references he sprinkles throughout the EP, he creates a diverse body of music that brings a new perspective of what a hip-hop EP project can sound like 2022.

What initially drew me into listening to all the tracks on “Up In Smoke” was the uniqueness Ren Ravage’s voice held throughout the songs. Through his ability to rhyme almost anything. Morover, this is a recording that you can enjoy in a room full of people or when you feel like taking moments to really appreciate different aspects of music production and the lyrics. The project kicks off with “Slippin (Freestyle)” (Prod. MikeWillMadeIt), and Ren Ravage’s resonant tenor is quickly at the forefront laying down the narrative.

Things heat up with the momentum-pushing groove of “Side Swipe”, which leads into the piano driven urgency of “Heat Of The Flame”. Ren Ravage’s elastic flow is in full flight here. The combination of Ren’s vocals and the production is one that can put you in a trance.

He holds this ability to rhyme anything, making him a thoroughly entertaining artist. You have the opportunity to listen to each individual sound but also appreciate it as a whole, as each sound uniquely contributes to what makes Ren Ravage one of the most stylized and unique new artists you can listen to today.

“Type Of Party (Freestyle)” continues Ren Ravage’s verbal onslaught. It is easy to get lost in the rapper’s wordplay. I am surprised by his vocabulary and the ability that he has to connect words and phrases.

This is best savored on the tracks, “Rent Money (Freestyle)” (Prod. Matrix Mason) and “Ric Flair Drip (Remix)” (Reprod. Laudiano) make it clear that Ren Ravage has carved out his style and lane in hip hop. Ren is confident in himself and sounds great throughout these tracks.

Foreboding and futuristic, the terse delivery makes “Fuck Nigga (Freestyle)” feel like a moving target. It’s gripping and it calls for repeated listens. All of which brings us to bass booming sound of “HOSS” (Prod. Laykx), and then onto the stream of consciousness flow delivered on “Prize (Remix)” (Prod. Southside). Classy and classic, but it feels like it is breaking into new territory. There’s a freshness in Ren Ravage’s vocal nuances, and creative sparks are everywhere.

Ep closer, “Pull Up Wit Da Stick” (feat. DJ J@ckson), demonstrates the creative dexterity of Ren Ravage’s flow as he twists his voice into a number of unusual shapes. Effortless talent and great delivery are a constant in Ren’s rapping. I expect plenty of greatness from this artist throughout the future.


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