MDMC a new star on the rise!

MDMC is an American songwriter, rapper, singer, and producer.  He started making music when he was 8 years old, playing the tenor sax at his elementary school jazz band and writing rhymes after class.   He seriously began making songs after he received noteworthy attention for performing at graduations, parties, and holiday fundraisers.  His desire to make music comes from his enjoyment in making songs that people can both learn from and party to on any occasion.   Although he has made music in a number of genres including house and EDM, his primary musical interest is in hip hop, hip pop and R&B.

mdmc-300In a recent interview with, MDMC explained the projects he was currently working: I’m currently working on Medicinal MuSick, the mixtape.  This is pretty much a finished project that’s dropping first week of March for free download.  My personal favorites off this track are “So What,” “Mama Won’t Approve,” and “Freeze.”  I’m also planning on making music videos for “So What” and for songs off the upcoming album, Surgeon’s General Warning.  In addition, if you’re coming to South by Southwest in Austin, you can see me perform live on 3/18/2015 and 3/20/2015.  Also, check out the Coast2Coast Hottest in Texas mixtape; they’re featuring one of my tracks from Medicinal MuSick!  Most importantly, stay prescribed for the ‘dopest’ releases at my brand new website”

mdmc-300bWhen asked to explain what he was trying to accomplish through his music, MDMC stated: “To share my story of the journey to success on a global level and inspire people to overcome adversity. To provide life insight and perspective for others based on my experiences. And finally to show people that you can have multiple dreams and simultaneously pursue them successfully; I think this is really important especially for the youth as they make up the biggest audience of hip hop listeners.”

Not bad for a new star on the rise!

OFFICIAL LINKS: HomepageSoundcloudFacebook – @medicinalmusick for Twitter, Instagram


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