Sauce: “Tisse” has a lot of powerful content

Sauce (aka Matisse) is an alternative rapper currently residing in Charlottesville, VA. He draws inspiration from both underground and mainstream music across all genres, and his work showcases a sound that falls between the depth and warmth of raw hip-hop and the sharp focus and aggression of the most technical heavy metal outfits. After his psychiatrist described him as an emotional paradox, Sauce was given the sound advice to try and “contain” that paradox in order to allow all sides of himself to coexist. He has done this through music.


Sauce’s album “Tisse” delivers even more than I was expecting. The opening track, “Writer’s Block” is a heartfelt delivery straight from Sauce that shows his multidimensional rapping techniques, then the rest of the album follows with lot’s a great hooks, intricately styled lyrics and the sound you would only expect from a high budget, major label crew. The only difference is that Sauce is an unsigned underground rapper from Charlottesville!

Sauce has a quick rapping style with good lyrics and storytelling. He is raw and doesn’t follow the mainstream hype train – a bit like Eminem from his younger, and dare I say better days. Sauce isn’t the biggest name in music just yet, but with this 19-track album “Tisse”, there is no doubt that he is one of the most talented young rappers in the game today.

Listen to standout tracks: What You Had In Mind ft. Sinatti Pop, This Man Spitting (I), Fall ft. Chaos Chytist, Let My Devils Out, Artists & Martyrs ft. Playboy The Beast, Lowcountry ft. Chase Holfelder , Vacant Basements (II), X’s & O’s (The Good Life) ft. Rody Walker, Keep At It ft. Diezel & Jasmine Chloe and C-Ville Replay . There isn’t a track here that has any sort of lazy approach. That, combined with Sauce’s undeniably incredible flow, makes it almost impossible to not like most of this music. The album is a great way to be introduced to rap music and Sauce’s particular, distinct take on it.


“Tisse” has a lot of powerful content, so you have great odds of finding a good number of songs you’ll like. It’s a huge step up from his last two projects “#FlavorFriday” and “Ancient Aliens [EP]” both of which were excellent. It’s just that Sauce’s rhyme patterns and flows are at an all-time high on this new album.

Sauce goes hard on nearly every track forging a framework of tenacity, strong lyricism and edginess, while there is a lot of good production running through the entire album too. And though Sauce is essentially an alternative rapper, there are a couple of tunes here that have hooks which will get into your head and could easily squeeze their way onto mainstream radio.

All in all “Tisse” packs in everything that Sauce currently has in his personal arsenal when it comes to lyrical ability, flow and top class production. Sauce is not an artist that anyone should pass up on, as you may already know from his previous work. If you are a fan of the rap hip hop world or just a music fan in general, you have to get one of the best independent hip hop albums from any up-and-coming rap talent out right now!


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