Jahmings Maccow Receives Best Reggae EP and Best Reggae Song Awards!

That the Crocus Hill native, Jahmings Maccow was to be a winner was written in his DNA since he played the harmonica with a choral group at the age of 5 in the Caribbean. After becoming the leader of the “Public Works Steel Band” at 12, and the keyboardist of the band “The Flames” at 13 in St. Thomas, Jahmings Maccow moved to New York City, and the 42nd Street Movie Theatre is where it all started to happen for him during the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Through the years Jahmings Maccow has continued to make music playing in various bands and doing studio work for the likes of Max Romeo and Sugar Minott. He continually improved his craft by releasing original works from which various pieces got nominated for several awards through the years, leading up to this Year’s Winner for cuts off of both the “Man Redemption” and “I” CD’s.

Jahmings Maccow
Jahmings Maccow

The Jahmings Maccow musical nomination heritage includes the title track (“New Way”) off of the (New Way CD), which was nominated for Best Reggae Album of the year, by the Hawaiian Na Hoku Hanohano 2002 Nominee Awards!

In 2005 and 2006, the title track “New Way” off of the (New Way CD) was nominated for the Rock City Music Awards, for (Outstanding Valley Band) of North Hollywood!

In 2011 the track “Set Me Free” off of the “Man Redemption” CD was nominated, for (Best Reggae Act) by the Hollywood Music In Media Awards!

Finally in December 2015 the payoff! Jahmings Maccow received the “Best Reggae EP Award” from the Akademia Music Awards for the Horizon Train from the “I” EP. The Akademia judges summed up the victory with the following phrase:  ‘Maccow furnishes some of the best reggae rhymes to hit the airwaves since Marley made the genre a sensation – and may one day hold the same towering place in music history.’

In the same month, Jahmings Maccow also received the “Best Reggae Song Award”  from the Akademia Music Awards for the track “How Ya Gwaan Crucify” off of the “Man Redemption” album. The Akademia judges again summed up the victory with the following phrase:  ‘Maccow has a voice to rival Marley or Tosh – and his conspirators in art are just as capable with the instrumentation – but the angelic refrain elevates it all.’

It should come as no surprise, then, that Jahmings Maccow has taken on all comers in his long and distinguished solo career and he still comes out winning. His roots sensibilities are sharp, with a beautiful rough and ready, gritty voice that in no way reeks of complacency; it strikes a deep, resonant chord- that can be almost soothing and re-assuring.

If for some reason you have not heard these winning recordings, I suggest you trust me and go out and pick these up on iTunes. Jahmings Maccow offers up some powerful music. There is not one mediocre track, each one being equally brilliant. The music on any of his collections, sound fresh, new, and inspiring. This man has produced brilliant and honest pieces of work, and in a fair world he would have received even greater success than he has thus far.


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