Shotgun Mistress: “No Friend of Mine” – Hard hitting vocals and crashing guitars!

The rock band, Shotgun Mistress formed in 2018 due to the will of veteran musician and guitarist Matt Wilcock. Now comprised of Glenn Patrick (vocals), Matt Wilcock (guitars), David Lee Daniel (drums), and Ben Benny Curnow (bass), the band is ready to burst onto the scene with their debut single “No Friend of Mine”, set for global download on the 24th of May. Galvanized with raw, honest classic rock sensibilities in an American Idol apocalypse of wannabe iconic crooners and divas, Shotgun Mistress is getting ready to reinvigorate a genre that is dying for lack of authenticity. The Melbourne based band has a sound that is dangerous and exhilarating, which means that rock music may just become exuberant again. These guys are the real deal.

Shotgun Mistress can be considered rare and vintage in comparison to the nu-metal and corporate rock riding up the Top40 charts. If you’re looking through the tall weeds of bubblegum music for some real head rattling rock and roll, look no further than Shotgun Mistress. These guys deliver.

They give fans exactly what they need – no nonsense, hard-driving rock. Glenn Patrick’s powerful voice blends perfectly with Matt Wilcock’s sizzling guitar riffs, and Ben Curnow locks his bass in line with David Lee Daniel’s powerhouse drumming. The high-powered quality presented throughout the track prove them deserving of any hype.

Shotgun Mistress adds new life to classic rock music, which has all but faded from the mainstream radar. This is one of those occasional tracks which brings back the focus on the genre. Shotgun Mistress take what they know, and work on ways to make it groundbreaking.

This classic, but modern rock sound, doesn’t sound too grungy, too sleazy or too heavy metal, yet it maintains a high level of authenticity. Hard hitting vocals and crashing guitars are met with an epic chorus and a constant rhythmic groove. Rock groups today hardly live up to expectations, but Shotgun Mistress surpassed all of mine.

“No Friend of Mine” is a great rock song that hits you right between your eyes. Glenn Patrick’s vocals immediately take center-stage, as he shows us he can sing with the best of them. And when Matt Wilcock drops his fiery guitar solo, the playing is simply inspired and phenomenal.

But the whole band goes full throttle here, their hard-edged sound leaving nothing to the imagination. The general feeling is that the big-rock sound and grit on this record is no pretentious facade; these guys have paid their dues, and have come to conquer the world.

Underneath the bombast, the instrumentation is everywhere; in fact, there’s so much going on during the course of this busy track that one, or even two listens, are not enough to decide even half its merit. This huge-sounding record sets a new course for rock music in 2019.

Fans of classic rock-and-roll should wholly embrace Shotgun Mistress, since there is not much else this vibrant, honest, and true, within the genre, to hang on to. In a modern rock landscape reduced to wimps, posers, and infuriating radio station hacks, it’s a miracle that a band like Shotgun Mistress even exists, let alone prosper!


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