Soleil Carrillo: “Cello House” accentuates feelings of nostalgia and giddiness

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Soleil Carrillo started playing the cello at the age of eight years old. Currently finishing up his secondary studies, Soleil holds positions in two orchestras plus regularly collaborates with different musicians. Soleil grew up being surround by House music, a genre his parents were avid fans of. His father, a music producer, encouraged Soleil to mix the classical cello instrument with contemporary music and this is how the project “Cello House” was created.  “Cello House” is Soleil’s first commercial release at the tender age of 17. From the moment the play button is pressed, it is evident that this is anything but your typical dance record. Its understated but breathtaking melody is led by the cello and a deeply resonating piano motif to set the tone, which can best be summarized in one word: sublime.

Meshing together elements of electronic and organic sounds in a progressive house aura, Soleil Carrillo presents “Cello House” as a work that refuses to be tied down to a single genre. Whether it’s reminiscing on the good times past, or just daydreaming, this is one of those songs that accentuates feelings of nostalgia and giddiness in the listener.

In an EDM culture where the focus has almost always been on producing festival bangers that are all about the drop, Soleil goes against the grain with a work that is teeming with diverse attractions.  This is an instrumental track that hooks the listener in with its groove before gently hyping up to a pulsating but not too aggressive beat.

The electronic dance music world changes constantly because of the fans constant demand for more, people are always looking for what’s next and new. Soleil Carrillo has been able to cater to the masses by keeping an open mind to what’s new in the scene and having a determination to work hard to please music fans with a fresh approach.

And today, his first track, “Cello House” brings the fruit of that determination. To many, this track will give dance music more credibility and allows artists to create tracks that they may not normally play in their typical DJ set.

“Cello House” has a melodic progressive groove, tasteful percussion, and a chilled out vibe that will keep listeners wanting more, as Soleil masterfully incorporates the cello with a bone-chilling soulfulness. This instrumental has a lot of character, with a dramatic and soothing conclusion.

This release is not only huge for Soleil Carrillo, but also it proves to the electronic music industry that music doesn’t have to be just about drops, bass, and bangers. What it does prove is there is underlying, quality talent within the EDM scene and Soleil is undoubtedly ahead of his time.

First impressions count, and Soleil Carrillo certainly makes a great one, with a debut title that puts his immense talent on grand display. Loving “Cello House” is easy.


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