Calle Ameln is practically on autopilot throughout “HEYO”

Calle Ameln is a Swedish singer-songwriter with a background in hard-rock and metal, who mixes Americana, heartland rock and country styles into his earworm tunes. Currently Calle is getting set to release his brand new country-pop single, “HEYO”, due out on October 31st. And he continues to surprise listeners with a track that reaffirms exactly why he’s one of the genre’s most promising artists coming from Europe. His rhythmic singing style combined with a foot-stomping beat and thick guitar strums quickly heat things up on the new track. From the moment “HEYO” begins, you can tell that something is different. The identity Calle Ameln has established for himself with his previous work remains, but he’s a gained a maturity that makes for a strong track.

“HEYO” is a reworking of Calle Ameln’s captivating formula: lyrics that rotate between raunchy, romantic and poignant; music that shares itself, aesthetically, with pop, rock and country. This time around it’s more pop, and aimed directly at the broadest possible swath of fans. But the secret of Calle’s appeal is the man himself. His voice and his charisma.

When Ameln gets behind the mic, you can be sure of full-throated melodic and emotional deliveries. “HEYO” is no different. There’s a lot of soul that lives in this song; you hear it in Calle’s voice and feel it in his lyrics. This brings a sense of strength to the storytelling.

“HEYO” shows us how an Americana and Rock singer with an unusually talented voice and unique background can produce a record which not only feels better than many other mainstream country pop records that’s played on radio, but also goes beyond the usual format you expect from every other mainstream country-pop release.

The truth is Calle Ameln has stepped up his game on this track, period. Since hearing his album release “Revolution on the Rocks”, Calle has continued to refine and expand upon his voice and style.  Unsurprisingly, the results are resoundingly positive throughout “HEYO”.

Backed by a high-energy backdrop, Calle Ameln is practically on autopilot throughout “HEYO”, delivering a strong, invested vocal.  Calle successfully taps into his country-pop leanings, while also maintaining ample rock undertones. The song is what one expects from contemporary country-pop with a gritty soul.

Like most of Calle Ameln’s songs that precede this release, “HEYO” benefits from a catchy, incredibly memorable chorus.  Once more, Calle shows off impressive, ear-catching songwriting which is absolutely infectious. And his rich pipes are tailor-made for this type of song.

Beyond the lyrics, the vocals, and the narrative, the production on the track is another selling point.  All in all, my impression is that Calle Ameln is continuing on his upward trajectory, and quite ready to burst onto country-pop radio and into the hearts of his core fans, all the while finding new admirers along the way. It takes a voice like Calle Ameln’s to pull it off and find success. You’ll be hearing a lot more from this guy.


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