Mallika Mehta – “Finally Free (Libre, Libre)” is taking her already flourishing career to the next level

Mumbai’s rising songstress Mallika Mehta, who has garnered an incredibly positive reception from critics and fans alike for her previous works, is getting set to release her brand new EP, “Evolve: The Story of Her”. In the meantime she has dropped her latest single, “Finally Free (Libre, Libre)” on all platforms from the 24th of October 2019. Mallika, also known as the Adele of Mumbai, is an amazingly talented singer and songwriter. Her voice can be deep and sultry, or perfectly pitched pop. Her lyrics no doubt speak to the souls of many, many people out there who have been in love, who have lost it, and who are trying to move on.

The artist who doesn’t require a stage name because her birth one is so striking, really sets out to introduce herself to audiences with her releases. Usually when artists write about themselves, they’re expected to really bare their souls. Which is what she actually does.

On first listen to any of Mallika Mehta songs, what’s most striking about them is how the songstress manages to keep them texturally interesting. Of course, throughout her music there are increases and decreases in intensity. But Mallika never relies on these to keep the listener hooked — that’s where her detailed songwriting, satisfyingly complex melodies, and vocal finesse comes in.

“Finally Free (Libre, Libre)” is a track to rival the best efforts of Mallika’s big-name pop contemporaries: a slinking baseline, a banging beat, and vibrant, layered synths. The result is a track brimming with confidence, not only in her own voice and her eye for a chorus, but in the emotive quality of her lyrics.

When Mallika Mehta reaches for the personal, she sounds like she’s doing so because that’s where her best music emerges from, not because she thinks that’s what authentic artists do. The opening syncopated synth, rushing chorus and sophisticated lyrical structure of “Finally Free (Libre, Libre)” makes it assuring to see Mallika has comfortably anchored herself in the category of pop innovator with this record.

The song’s gigantic chorus and memorable hook screams radio A-list, whilst Mallika soars through the arrangement. This is Mallika rediscovering her inner self – free from the burden of a relationship, and able to stand firmly on her own two feet.

And obviously, the song is transcendent, it’s airy excitement a searing three minutes and forty one seconds of euphoria. “Evolve: The Story of Her” is set to be Mallika Mehta’s debut EP, but it already feels like she’s been around forever.

Mallika takes themes of emotional conflict and makes them accessible. Her lyrics are filled with stories from her life, and the EP chronicles the contrasting phases of a relationship. Mallika has spent the last 3 years building expectation via some incredible singles.

The Indian born singer-songwriter has been making waves across USA, Europe and the greater globe since she began working on her first English track, “War Solo” in 2016. She demonstrated a natural spark for pop with early cuts, including the thrilling “Flame Is Gone”. Now with the release of “Finally Free (Libre, Libre)”, and the upcoming EP, Mallika Mehta is aiming to take her already flourishing career to the next level.


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