Loji Luciano – “Do What I Want” shows his ability to rhyme and flow like the best!

Born Joshua Freyre “loji-Baybee” or “loji-Luciano” started writing and performing music at the age of 12. Throughout his teenage years he developed a condition described as obsessive compulsive disorder that was both a blessing and a curse, as he would have to repeat actions over and over again. His condition meant employers wouldn’t hire or hold onto him. This led to the street life and all the undesirable things necessary to survive. Loji Luciano finally overcame the OCD condition, and would no longer need to write down lyrics and was able to free flow from the source directly into the mic. He honed his skills on the streets of Tampa FL, battling and recording endless amounts of music, pouring his frustrations and ambitions into every word and syllable.

The boiling hub of groundbreaking rappers from Florida has grown and mutated into an unstoppable phenomenon in hip-hop. Loji Luciano is currently with United Music Mafia (UMM), an up and coming American record label and marketing company who curate a wide range of talents, from artist, to producers, and DJ’s.

Loji Luciano is building his social presence and consolidating his brand, fully aware that he has a team with a professional attitude and a friendly disposition working alongside him. Loji Luciano is currently riding high with his latest single, “Do What I Want”.

The key element that makes this track’s atmosphere really enjoyable for me is the overall tongue in cheek quirkiness of it. The beat is banging and is as colorful as the rapper’s flow. It’s also brilliant as a true introduction to the versatility and top-notch quality of Loji Luciano’s performance skill-set. He climbs on top of the groove, slips into the pocket, and rides the boom of the bassline with panache. He raps with a sharp edge. No pauses, no hesitations. No waste.

There is a sense of spontaneity on “Do What I Want”. It’s like Loji Luciano hit onto a stream of creativity and went with it. That’s how it feels – like he is riding along on a funky wave. There’s a freshness, creative sparks everywhere, as the rapper unleashes his confident charisma across each bar.

The bass-heavy Miami sound is something so digestible and addicting to dissect. The bite in some bars hark back to battle rap days and every time we’re treated to another hook, Loji Luciano reminds us that he does what he wants and he does it like no one else does.

In fact, no-one quite does pure energy like Loji Luciano. His greatest strengths can be found throughout this album “Do What I Want”, as he shows his ability to rhyme and flow like the best. Loji Luciano’s catalog proves that he can make anything he wants to do work, from hard-hitting street anthems, to fun and energetic bangers.

“Do What I Want” is appropriate for a musical high just in time for the summertime. Firmly embedded into the United Music Mafia fold, Loji Luciano is carving out his space, and he is doing so with entertaining records.


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