Ike Tanner – “Garden Talks” runs the gamut between rock, rap, trap and R&B

Ike Tanner is a 21 year old Music artist From Russellville AL. He is The CEO of YungGMusic & Gravity XO which are Film/Music Marketing Companies. He has 3 music artists from Alabama, namely JayGoldz, Trench Godd and Yung Cody TYBG signed to a marketing contract with his companies. Tanner is currently promoting his mixtape “Garden Talks”. Tanner’s style, lyrical content and overall attitude as expressed on this mixtape reflect a rapper trapped in the body of an R&B singer and a rockstar. His rich timbre and genre bending implies an influence of esteemed hip-hop singers.

Combining soulful singing with a touch of rap and a slew of banging beats, Ike Tanner new mixtape becomes an introspective look on the artist’s past and present, with an ambitious message for the future. Overall, “Garden Talks” is a dark and widely-ranged look into the mindset of the artist.

Tanner never once fails to keep fans entertained and thinking about his deep lyrics throughout the mixtape. Sure, the alternative hues of certain songs may appear intimidating, but he balances this out nicely with a string of brilliant vocal performances.

Ike Tanner also succeeds in shrugging off any attempts to assign his work a tag, choosing instead to give the mixtape a wide range across multiple music genres. He simply will not let himself get assigned to one specific category of music.

The end result is a beautifully personal track list that speaks to listeners no matter what sort of music is their favorite. And for listeners who themselves don’t yet know what genre most appeals to them, “Garden Talks” is a great place to start.

Ike Tanner kicks proceedings off with the hard hitting mid-tempo “Stay”, his resonant voice echoing loud and clear, front and center. The guitars come out gritty and grimy on “American Pie”, as Tanner ups the tempo and loudness.

“Broken & Shattered” continues to forge chugging guitar lines before exploding into an apex of crushing electric riffs. Ike Tanner’s voice soars and growls as he turns the intensity on. “Someone Like You” keeps both the momentum and the intensity levels high, while delivering catchy hooks.

This mixtape is hands down one of my favorites of the year. Usually, there is always the odd couple of songs on a recording that you’re likely to skip but this gets played start to finish with no interruptions.

It’s possible that I have taken a liking to it, due to its energetic and alternative nature and the fact that Ike Tanner comes across as such a spirited character. I’m also sure that those who don’t understand his current relevance will find merit in his music in the long run.

It’s easy to see the virtue in his music, and his songwriting comes off as brilliant at times. The truth of the matter is that Ike Tanner simply cannot write a bad chorus. Just listen to the back to back tracks – “Wake Up”, “7Seas” and “Broadway” – they are astonishingly catchy.

Tanner is a more nimble singer than many people realize, with his ability to switch between straight up belting to smooth crooning, and his twisted trap sound in between.

Running through standouts like “Attention”, Blushing Flower” and “Worthless”, regardless of what anyone’s opinion on Ike Tanner’s music is, there is no one else in the industry – independent or major –  right now who can attempt the same musical choices as Tanner does on this mixtape.

And the best is still to come, via the powerful “Dance”, the jangly “Shadow” and “Warnings”.  Most of the tracks on this mixtape sound like they could easily be singles.

The verses are melodically and rhythmically captivating in “On My City” and “Tell Me” ft. HoobeZa, while Tanner croons with a voice that is hard to resist. Ike Tanner is an artist who is at his best when he’s most aware of his roots and influences, as he runs the gamut between rock, rap, trap and R&B.


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