Gabe Lopez – “End Of The Lost Summer” – His talent as a writer and vocalist is evident

It is extremely rare to come across an artist like Gabe Lopez, who is poised, multi-talented, bold, self-confident yet humble – and surprisingly, one whose name you should already be very familiar with. The reasons are evident. Gabe Lopez is a Billboard Top 5 singer-songwriter and producer, who has produced and written recent music for Belinda Carlisle, New Kids On The Block, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Twice, Key and other multi-platinum artists. He has also produced and written for Joey McIntyre, Charice, James Brown, The Other Two on Comedy Central, SHINee, Tae Yang, VeriVery, DreamNote, Gayme Show, American Idol finalists and international RaggaHop star Ms. Triniti.

Signed to a music publishing deal with Rondor Music/Universal, Gabe Lopez released his new single “End Of The Lost Summer”, on September 10 and 11, 2020, across all major digital download stores and platforms.

His latest composition is about a social-distancing and a year filled with lost opportunities. “I was feeling low because the summer just quietly fell away,” says Lopez. “My favorite time is summer but this year there was no traveling, no vacations, no family BBQs, and no going out with friends on weekends. I just felt like this was a lost summer.”

With “End Of The Lost Summer”, Gabe Lopez has produced yet another track that provides a great listening experience from beginning to end. Certainly this single deserves top level recognition. His talent as a writer and vocalist is evident, as is his hand on the pulse of modern pop sounds. This is a remarkably well-crafted pop song that finds the singer flaunting his flamboyant, bittersweet vocals and thoughtful lyrics.

Opening up with an echoing, nostalgic-styled vocal intro, the “End Of The Lost Summer” transits on a smooth and jangly mid-tempo pop groove. Gabe Lopez’s malt and honey vocals sweep across the luscious soundscape like a fresh breeze on a hot day.

Behind him, staggered layers of lavish voices fill in the choral sections with almost ambrosial beauty. Though sad and melancholic in its narrative, the song is equally hopeful and uplifting in its sound.

The “End Of The Lost Summer” ends unexpectedly, on a lingering note that leaves the listener anticipating more – a clever songwriting flourish that makes the track resonate even more in our mindsets. Good things almost always result when an artist knows his strengths.

Gabe Lopez has certainly capitalized on his, as everything is so fully, completely, and perfectly in its right place within this single. Lopez takes a stand with his own voice, and keeps everyone connected with his latest single.

The “End Of The Lost Summer” presents another confident step forward for Gabe Lopez – one which could very well usher in a newer and even bigger phase of a career that is already substantial in its past artistic achievements. Gabe Lopez has an inborn knack for conveying emotion through the simplicity of music and words, showcasing just how talented the industry knows him to be.

For more information, or to connect with Gabe Lopez, visit,, Twitter: @gabelopezsongs, Instagram: @gabelopez


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