Keylluminati – “Turn It Up” flexes his vocal dexterity

Keylluminati, born and raised in Tampa FL, is in his 3rd year as an independent artist. Known as a free spirited individual, always with a smile on his face, Keylluminati has set out on this journey with the aspiration of becoming one of his city’s best hip-hop artists. He is currently promoting his single, “Turn It Up”. Keylluminati belongs in the same sentence as those special creatives when it comes to hip-hop’s most eclectic new artists. A run through his catalog will showcase an effortless blend of styles, revealing an artist with a diverse palette, who is just as comfortable crooning mellifluously as he is rapping. On his latest track, the artist builds on this early promise with one of his most consistently inspiring tracks.

Keylluminati music never quite does what you expect it to do, as he is always one step ahead of you. The Tampa native flexes his vocal dexterity across the 2 minute 50 second spin, switching his flow back and forth at will.


He also shines by sprinkling creative wordplay across the tune. “Turn It Up” is the kind of music that can captivate so much that all you want to do is sit back, listen to the sonic beauty, and smile. Few other artists take such a creative approach in blending flows and crafting lyrics.

With the help of producer, Jae Tee, Keylluminati makes his intricate sound seem effortless. But what makes this track so strong is the combination of the bass driven production and heavy-hitting lyrics, as the rapper cuts through the thumping beat with his dynamically-pitched enunciation.

What is also remarkable to me about Keylluminati is his compression and elongation of words and phrases, bending his flow around every turn of the beat so that his bars cut off at the most convenient moments.

With this cadence and flow at his disposal Keylluminati successfully makes the track sound urgent yet smooth. His very own approach to music distinguishes him from his contemporaries in the genre.

While he keeps a cool, new wave vibe throughout the track, Keylluminati also incorporates impressive lyricism through his bars. The combination of the rapper’s verses and production is one that can put you in a trance. He holds this ability to rhyme anything, making him this fresh artist that you can put on anywhere.

 I am surprised by Keylluminati’s vocabulary and the ability that he has to connect words and phrases. This is where his skill truly lies; but his ability to add emotion and meaning to the simplest of lines is another one of his best talents.

Hip-hop needs new personalities, and Keylluminati is a relatively new personality with a unique flow and some amazing songs under his belt. His ability to create a different sound with each song he releases shows his uniqueness as an artist, and I’m excited to see what else he has in store for us soon. In the meantime, “Turn It Up” is a solid work that will resonate with a lot of people.


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