Rett Wicker – “New Year’s Day” exists in an unpretentious universe that sounds vital

Rett Wicker is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Jacksonville, FL. He is currently working on his debut album, entitled “Around The Bend”, which is set [Read More…]

Johnny Nostra dropped his debut album in January and has a new single coming!

Johnny Nostra is an American singer, songwriter, and producer who released his debut album, NOSTRA, on January 3, 2020. His music has spanned from a [Read More…]

Bride Of Chaotica – “Ghosts on Television” – honest artisans of their craft

Classic, Acid, Psychedelic, Fusion and Progressive rock sophistication with none of the pretentiousness that often steals the souls of these genres. “Ghosts on Television”, the [Read More…]