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With an artist like Ju City Dice, your mileage will vary depending on your own priorities. The artist proves to be an able and talented masquerader, shifting his aesthetic accordingly between heartfelt narratives, aggressive verbiage, and smoothly crooned ruminations. A quick run through his catalog reveals that Ju City Dice uses multiple styles: dark and eerie to ground shaking trap beats, light-hearted tales to gut-wrenching stories. He is able to blend a large part of these elements together into his single, “Grind Another Day”.

The razor-sharp production is front-lined by Ju City Dice, who goes into amazing detail with his top notch storytelling. The sticky, atmospheric and piano-driven beat is beautifully paired with Ju City Dice’s mellifluous vocals.

“Grind Another Day” showcases an irresistible sound. Ju City Dice’s lean and powerful voice with the handclapping beat and unflinching lyrics, is making music that is sophisticated, affecting, and soulful. His music style is raw and refreshing, which makes him different from any other artists.

Yielding the modern listeners desires, wanting more authentic stories, vibes and vocals. The power and strong mood behind “Grind Another Day” can be felt through every word that Ju City Dice is singing.

Ju City Dice comes at you with nothing less than the best lyrics and beats. He intends to make music that takes listeners on a mysteriously enchanting ride of rich melodies covered in mood-inducing beats. He has a genuine knack for dispatching his life’s words and directions.

Ju City Dice is a genuine contender in an industry in constant evolution. He’s staying focused, and expanding his catalogue in the hope of gaining new levels of success.

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