David Arn – “Mother’s Day-The Mother’s Tale” ft. Ava Hart connect the audience to an afflicting condition

“I’m always fighting an invisible war. My prayers haven’t seen before. In soft glow of moonlight. I sense so easily meltdowns yet to be. Little one, let me rock your soul,” recites the opening lines of “Mother’s Day-The Mother’s Tale”, a track from David Arn’s latest album featuring singer Ava Hart. Ava’s voice is airy, sweet, lucid and will leave you breathless. She certainly does not have to stand in another vocalist’s shadow. She clearly stamps this excellent and heartfelt song with her own special style – and a very classy one that is. The story behind this record is as compelling as the music.

The story of “Mother’s Day-The Mother’s Tale” is a curious one. Singer-songwriter David Arn thought that Ava had a great voice and desired to write a song for her. When asked for an idea about a song, Ava responded that she would have liked a song dedicated to her son who is on the autism spectrum.

At the time David did not know much about the subject of autism, but soon set about finding out more. They eventually got down to doing a demo, which was sent to Alex Wharton, an engineer David had worked with at Abbey Road, and the song just blossomed from there. The song was originally named for her son but Ava wanted to protect his identity.

Right from the start of “Mother’s Day-The Mother’s Tale” we are immediately captivated by Ava Hart, who is truly a beguiling performer. So understated, so brilliant in her phrasing, and marvelous in her interpretation of David Arn’s focused narrative and excellent soundscape which is awash with warm organic sounds.

David Arn’s composition is delicate yet affecting, where poignant acoustic guitar motifs meet emotive strings, arousing sentiments alongside sensitive words, which cut to the core:  “Four in the morning, the ladder to your sleep is much too steep. Angry hands are beyond control. Little one, let me rock your soul.”

What Arn and Hart have achieved on “Mother’s Day-The Mother’s Tale”, is find a way to communicate and connect the audience to an afflicting condition, without falling into the trap of overwhelming melodrama or beseeching self-pity. There’s very little ornamental elements or excessive nuances here, just earnest music that knows how to dig into the heart of its desired sound and honest storytelling.

David Arn’s setting is a slow groove woven through with strings and guitar, which Ava Hart enters with quiet, sensitive affectation. She just sings the song, floating gorgeously above the soundtrack. It is simply a lovely performance by all involved. David Arn and Ava Hart make for a perfect collaboration. Their diverse talents overlap enough for a smooth and impacting assembly.

ABOUT DAVID ARN: David Arn is a U.S. singer, songwriter based in Virginia who is best known for his lyrical style. He currently has three albums, “Postmodern Days”, “Walking in Dreamland”, “Traveler Tales” and numerous singles. Three of his music videos have been Film Festival award winners. His music is streamed worldwide and has been featured on NPR stations, BBC Radio, and heard on Delta Airlines commercial flights.

ABOUT AVA HART: Born into a family of singers and performers, Ava has been singing on stage since the age of 2. She has taught music, and for the past fourteen years has worked as vocal coach and instructor to Academies, Dance Studios, and Theaters. She is the mother of a young child with autism and this is the basis for the song “Mother’s Day-The Mother’s Tale.


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