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Cory M. Coons grew up in Eastern Ontario (South of Ottawa), Canada, where he cut his teeth playing guitar, bass, and singing in his High School. Now 30 years into his career, Coons has gone on to become an independent musician, singer, performer, as well as an award-winning and nominated songwriter. A melodic, roots-rock and Americana craftsman, Coons a series of full-length albums, EP’s and singles, working with top class musicians and technicians along the way. He has also often worked with Producer Ron Nevison (Heart, Bad Company, Chicago, Damn Yankees, Survivor, Styx, Night Ranger).

Cory M. Coons’ latest single, is titled “Burning Bright At Christmas Time”, released via MTS Records, the introduces Cory’s 6 year old daughter, Charleigh Lynn, on backing vocals.  “I believe this is a song is about reflecting, sharing and celebrating the power of healing through our spirit, and the love we share for both family and friends in our lives at this time of year,” says Cory, continuing: “Many may be suffering through difficulties this year, and hopefully this song brings some peace, good will, joy and healing to the ones who might need some spiritual uplifting at Christmas time.”

Christmas songs have been more popular than ever in 2020. Since the calendar hit December 1, the Christmas anthems have been climbing up the charts, and they’re already dominating the airwaves. It’s understandable: given the year we’ve all had, a little merriness and festive cheer is exactly what we need to boost our spirits.

Crammed full of sleigh bells and jangling acoustic guitars, “Burning Bright At Christmas Time” brings the spirit and warmth we all need this year, given the absence of Christmas parties and endless days spent traipsing around the shops looking for the perfect gift. When it comes to making your own festive playlist, you’ll probably want a perfect blend of tried-and-tested festive favorites, and some fresh new originals like this one to refuel the Christmas fire.

Today, Christmas music runs the gamut from silly to revolutionary but Coons stays grounded. Simple, tuneful and to the point, Cory M. Coons has created the kind of Christmas song you can sing under the tree, or in the shower. Full of humanity and goodwill, his words will ring a familiar and nostalgic bell, with everybody who can remember a better time than the one we’re having right now.

Without a doubt, Cory M. Coons plants some relatable truths under the tree this festive season, with “Burning Bright At Christmas Time”, while his daughter Charleigh Lynn, adds just enough pure innocent sweetness to make the whole project sound fully authentic. The end result is a perfectly packaged festive song, which doesn’t sound like you’ve heard it before.

Christmas songs are always better when the artist makes a whole new song, instead of the obligatory cover. “Burning Bright At Christmas Time” sounds exactly how would expect a Christmas song from Cory M. Coons to sound. Warmly engaging.


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