Christian rapper Mr_1OO is promoting his mixtape ‘Forever Blessed’

Christian rapper from a hood in Pittsburgh, PA changes his life and makes an inspirational mixtape for God, and to help people change for the better and be who God created them to be while being homeless, in and out of jail, living in a group home, and living in mental health hospitals Mr_1OO is promoting his mixtape Forever Blessed.

Forever Blessed means that someone has God in their life. If we have the Holy Ghost when we are on Earth and when we take our last breath on Earth, we will go to new Heaven, new Earth, or new Jerusalem. So we will be blessed on Earth and when we get to new Heaven. Mr_1OO believes that when our body dies our soul goes either to new Heaven, new Earth, new Jerusalem, or to hell to live forever.

Forever Blessed is not just blessed financially but physically, mentally and emotionally. Mr_1OO is also being played and steamed all over the world and he has his own Pandora radio station under Mr_1OO. Mr_1OO finished writing his verses to Drake’s 0-100 song and the rest of The Unheard truth song at McDonalds. Then he recorded his first two songs in Pittsburgh AtomiK’s basement. He has also recorded two songs in Head Knock’s studio.

He recorded four songs in 2014. He has also recorded five songs in Rob Masters’ studio and he is also featured on his song “Another Day”. He has also recorded 7 songs, two in his dad’s living room using the Bandlab app and five songs in his dad’s basement with Destyne81. Destyne81 is also featured on his song “Keep Him Close”. He has been played and streamed in the United States, United Kingdom, Cape Verde, Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, France, Ireland, and Germany.

For more information or if would like to interview Mr_1OO. Contact him at or call at (412) 326-5235. Forever Blessed by Mr_1OO – is on DistroKid. Buy his inspirational mixtape. Any support is appreciated. Facebook: Alex Holmes Jr. Instagram: @mr_1oo Twitter: @Mr__1OO

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