SHALOC RENAISSANCE – The Embodiment Of Reviving The Art, Rebirth & Renewal

SHALOC RENNAISSANCE hails from Pittsburgh, PA. He has been creating music for over 20 years as a “positive outlet.” He was introduced to BOB MARLEY’S [Read More…]

DREAM BIG EMPIRE presents Blacc Cuzz – “Wadd Up Doe” – The hustle and triumphs of an underdog

Blacc Cuzz is committed to forging a glorious way forward in his career. More importantly, he’s underscoring his critical lapses in the past for sake [Read More…]

Jeff Marshall – “White Trash Fast Food Restaurant” – plenty of rumble and kick

“I had an amazing time there – I got a great American style burger, saw the British punk band The Vibrators, and got a dragon [Read More…]