Nova Grizzy – “I Love NoVA 2 (Deluxe)”

In a recent interview Nova explains that his passion for music and hustle as an independent artist has been greatly influenced by Lil B. Grizzy went on to say “ I used to watch Lil B videos in high-school on YouTube during class ; I always loved the originality and swag that he came with .” Now (2021) the two artist have collaborated on a number of tracks and have over 100,000+ views on the YouTube video “ Bag Up feat. Lil B “. “ I would have never thought that I would be making music with a legend like Lil B, but bro is so down to earth and real! He showed love and inspired me to hustle in a positive manner. That’s all I needed” He said.

Nova Grizzy has now released his highly anticipated project “I Love NoVA 2 (Deluxe)” on 6/29/21. Which he hinted to us will have at least 1 collaboration with his mentor Lil B. Could Nova be the next influential, positive internet rapper? Check out his discography and Internet presence to chime in and give us your opinion.


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